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User Info: Kerby

8 years ago#1
Because the guy never figured out he was fishing in the wrong spot.
Fished next to the fisherman for a hour of trying and when he finally did get a fish he caught a bream instead of the shaman fish. LOL
check the video out:


User Info: mellow09

8 years ago#2

After an hour you can go, hmmm maybe I'm doing something wrong and check your map, or you can be pretentious enough to assume you're correct and the game is broken and write a misleading 'report'. He was the latter. Now for some people Nier, a good game, will be synonymous with this mans idiocy.

User Info: SkaerKrow

8 years ago#3
I would make Square Enix aware of this through an email. They could demand a retraction based on misrepresentation of their product.
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User Info: G1243

8 years ago#4
I admit that the fishing is not very user-friendly, but for the editor to play games as his occupation, bad ones and good ones, and to rage about this issue seems very sad.

The reason he is having issues is, because of his fishing level. You can't expect to land a Bream just like that. Once you complete more of the fish quests from the old man, Bream can be landed in less than 10 seconds.

I would not say it is entirely his fault, since users have issued complaints about getting started with the fishing, but he is blowing it out of proportion, and posting it up in such a manner is that is all wrong, especially for an Editor of a gaming-news website.

And I say this, after having beaten the game 4 times to view each ending, in addition to completing all the fishing quests, so I have a bit more experience with the game compared to him, and have a more comprehensive grasp of the fishing.

Although I did experience some frustration initially with fishing in the game, I never did RAGE as much as he did. It's unfortunate, because he has fanboys, many who have propagated the dislike for this game in the comments (to side with him perhaps?)

Justin McElroy, at Joystiq, please take a chill pill.

User Info: StormXY

8 years ago#5
I saw this "review" earlier. Well, I guess if their main editor is too stupid to figure out a very simple task in a quite honestly, brutally easy game, then I guess that's a website I'm just no longer interested in reading.

They lost one reader for sure. Not that they care, but hey, that's just a complete lack of honesty in my eyes and not worth giving them any page hits.

User Info: xGrimoirex

8 years ago#6
I really want to check this game out just to see the fishing mechanics.

Why is he blaming the game for his own faults? Sure, it does sound vague, but that's why sites like GameFAQS have Answers.

User Info: Fandango_Letho

8 years ago#7
Seriously, i'm not with you guys. Sure, I think Nier is an interesting game, but it's not always the player's fault if the game is, at some point, badly designed.

The fishing part of the game, the first one per say, causes a LOT of unneeded ruckus amongst many players. It's a bad design choice, and it's easy to see A LOT of people getting turned off by it.

And bad design choices often makes people lose interest and move on. That's why some games gets canned amongst pro reviewers AND casual gamers alike.

So no, i'm not '' lulzing '' at the '' noobness'' of the reviewer. It's not MANDATORY for someone to beat a game and lick it thrice to get an opinion on it.

Early hours of a game always gives out the proper shootout of the game. Never did a game dramatically changed within the late hours. Except FF13, but that's an anomaly that's not worth going through.

User Info: StormXY

8 years ago#8
"It's not MANDATORY for someone to beat a game and lick it thrice to get an opinion on it."

No, but it sure helps something from going from "review of a game" to "review of the reviewer's skills and temper".

The fishing mechanics are fine. The problem is the brief in game tutorial is horrid, and they're not terribly clear about where the quest item needs to be retrieved from. A stumbling block certainly. An hour of frustration? Only if you're a hack journalist trying to be intentionally outrageous.

Basically the guy was trying to ape Yahtzee from Zero Punctuation, but since that's not his established gimmick he just came off as an ignorant tool.

User Info: mellow09

8 years ago#9

I'm not saying this same is perfect. That fishing mechanic is lackluster. You can't see the fish and the game does not lead the player. At all. I too was there for an hour doing it wrong. But you know what. I did that in many games before, all of which were pre-360 gen. Games now-a-days simply lead the player along like a mother to a three year old. Frankly, it's sad, the level we're at. This game doesn't find a nice middle ground, but this guy is way too much.

I agree it does seem like he's trying to mimic Yahtzee. Only Yahtzee is smart and this guy is far from it. He also has a massive ego.

User Info: G1243

8 years ago#10
"So no, i'm not '' lulzing '' at the '' noobness'' of the reviewer. It's not MANDATORY for someone to beat a game and lick it thrice to get an opinion on it."
- - - - - - - - - - - -

When you have a game that has it's main highlights to being the story (the other is the soundtrack), it is most definitely crucial to experience it in it's entirety, before passing judgement. And in this case, with this game you need to play it thoroughly (at least one more playthrough), to get the fuller picture.

In the second playthrough you get Kaine's side of the story, as well as perspective from the Shades and Bosses.

For this editor from Joystiq to get stuck on fishing, ragequit, and post this article up is... how do I say, ******* rediculous.

It's an absolute fail, if you don't see why, then you will never get it and there is no helping you.
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