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  3. Never have i seen fishing being this bad in a game.

User Info: Indelacio

9 years ago#1
Why does it takes two straight minutes of pulling to get that one stupid mandatory fish. Screw this, i'm bringing this steaming turd back.

User Info: Veotax

9 years ago#2
You're bad at fishing so you're returning the game? Ok dude, your choice, but you only ever need to catch one fish in the entire game. After that fishing is optional.

User Info: luke3001

9 years ago#3
ummmm "mandatory"? perhaps you need to look up the definition of that word :)

User Info: zipitin

9 years ago#4
Try catching a snapper or a porgy near the beginning of the game in Breath of Fire 2 with the basic fishing rod.

You'll probably kill yourself.
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User Info: Bokey407

9 years ago#5
Fishing in this game isn't exactly a BLAST, but it sure beats the fishing from POKEMON

User Info: krakenx

9 years ago#6
Yes, the fishing in this game is the worst of any game I have ever played. With that said, you only ever need to catch a single fish in the entire time you play the game, and even that isn't as bad as the mini games in many other games. Also I discovered shops that sell the mandatory fish on my second playthrough in the same town, so maybe even the one isn't mandatory.

Either way, an awful 5 minutes doesn't spoil 40+ hours of an amazing game.

User Info: princemarth23

9 years ago#7
"Fishing in this game isn't exactly a BLAST, but it sure beats the fishing from POKEMON"

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User Info: WiseOne666

9 years ago#8
I too found fishing to be bad when following the in-game advice... But, if you have a read of this topic in the PS3 forums for this game, you'll find fishing to be easy :)


I've copied the relevant message from this post here for your convenience (credit to anjieyz for this advice):
"when catching a fish watch ur hero body move (not the fish)
if he move left u turn the stick Left ,Down
if he move right u turn the stick right ,Down
if it in the middle then just move the stick down

u dont need to push a
(only when u think i can hook it up then push A)
like about 10%-20% of the fish HP then push A".

Now go catch some fish!!!

User Info: ThugETH

9 years ago#9
I never even caught the mandatory fish it just auto caught it after many failed attempts, never bothered fishing again after.
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User Info: Gnifty

9 years ago#10
The problem with fishing is that the game doesn´t explain it correctly.

It says "Press A (X on PS3) when the pole bends". Wrong. You press down on the left stick and keep it that way. After that you just adjust the stick to the down-left or down-right position, but only if Nier turns in the corresponding direction. A/X is just for trying to rip the fish out of the water, something that rarely works and if you don´t press down on the stick when the fishing pole bends, you´ll lose the fish 99% of the time.

Also the game should have told you that you can´t expect to catch anything before you have upgraded your fishing skills, it´s not designed that well sadly.
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  3. Never have i seen fishing being this bad in a game.
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