Is it necessary/worth it?

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User Info: KaiserRyu2046

7 months ago#1
So I plan on buying NieR: Automata, but I was wondering if playing NieR is necessary or worth playing (I'm not to fussed about playing it if it isn't as good as Automata is hyped up to be). I don't have a lot of money so I generally don't buy games that are just average.

User Info: Dewcrystal

7 months ago#2
It's not strictly necessary-- Automata is a very distant sequel and stands on its own as a story and a game.

That said, if you're interested in the story of Automata as well as the gameplay, and have a little extra capital, I would highly recommend playing NIER first. There are a number of references (some minor, some very significant) that resonate much more powerfully if you understand their context from the first game.

Again, it's not a requirement, but if you can find NIER for fairly cheap (or borrow a copy, or rent one), it really adds to the experience for Automata.

User Info: Mashiyyat

6 months ago#3
Not neccesary but I would Def say it's worth it. Won't get into why as to avoid spoilers, but there were multiple moments that were more powerful as someone who played the orig. Also the orig is just a really special game imo.

User Info: SteveGrabowski

6 months ago#4
Necessary? No. But it is definitely worth it.
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