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User Info: DunanBubba

8 years ago#1
First part of the timeline:

June 12, 2003 - A mysterious giant and red dragon appear

- At approximately 3:00 PM on June 12, 2003, an immense white statue (the "Giant") appears in Shinjuku [in Tokyo].
- At the same time, a red dragon-like entity (the "Dragon") appears and does battle with the Giant. The principles behind, and effects of, these attacks are unknown.
- The Japan Self-Defense Forces study how to attack this Giant and Dragon. An emergency Cabinet-level committee is formed.
- At 4:00 PM, the Giant falls. What the Giant is made of unable to be determined, and at this time damage on the ground is comparatively light.
- After the fall of the Dragon, the Scarface, of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force's 6th Air Wing, 303rd Squadron, attacks the dragon. Its body is secretly taken to a government research facility.
- This incident becomes known as the "6-12 Incident". It results in 56 dead, 320 injured, and total economic losses of over 60 billion yen.
- A gag order is issued regarding the events of 6-12, but by this time information is already leaking onto chanels such as the internet. Fears of terrorism and foreign plots swirl. Chaos.

September - Summit held

- Three months after the incident, an international summit (Japan, the USA, China, and Russia participating) is held regarding 6-12.
- The USA suspects terrorism and prepares for a hardened stance against a hypothetical enemy. The Japanese government considers a large increase in the military budget.

December - A mysterious infection

- In Shinjuku, Tokyo, a disease appears in which victims' bodies gradually chlorinate. Its origins are unknown, and its fatality rate is 100%.
- Research begins on this disease. At this time, the disease is believed to be very rare, only occurring under certain conditions. The outlook is optimistic.

February, 2004 - An explosive increase in the number of infected and dead

- Many more people become infected, mainly in Shinjuku.

April - Infected people displaying berserk personality disorders begin appearing

- Among the infected, some begin to go berserk. These infected gather in Shinjuku, causing a "hollowing-out" or deindustrialization of this region.
- Various countries pressure Japan to make progress on the disease.

May - Berserk people continue to appear in Shinjuku

- More and more infected appear in Shinjuku. Research reveals that the disease creates people who go berserk, and people who die.

June - The disease is named "White Chlorination Syndrome"

- A medical group which has been researching the disease since December 2003 makes a presentation. They do not know what causes "berserking" and "death", but know that they stem from the same disease.
- [Tokyo] Prefectural Hall [which had been in western Shinjuku] is moved. Porposals are floated to move [the national government in] Nagata-cho and the Emperor's Residence, but the Imperial Household Agency refuses.

User Info: Dark_ManX

8 years ago#2
thanks :D
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User Info: Martin Pagan

Martin Pagan
8 years ago#3
Great job, keep it up. You should get into the translation business. This looks like a solid piece of work.
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User Info: gisaelle

8 years ago#4
Thank you very much for translating it, DaBubba :)
It's always great to read and learn how others translate!

User Info: CgRonin

8 years ago#5
Thank you so much! I've been dieing to read the timeline from GN, but alas, I totally suck at japanese (just a beginner).
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User Info: iori kusanagi

iori kusanagi
8 years ago#6
it's not the Scarface, it's Scarface

FYI, Scarface is the jet from Ace Combat 1, yes, the same exact one. The creators of Ace Combat 1 also did Drag on Dragoon.
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User Info: DunanBubba

8 years ago#7
Thanks, Iori; so there's no "the" in "Scarface"? Are there other Scarface planes, or is this the only one?

I've never played the previous games, so I know little about established terminology. Please keep posting corrections if there are more words like this.


User Info: Yuugure

8 years ago#8
- At 4:00 PM, the Giant falls. What the Giant is made of unable to be determined, and at this time damage on the ground is comparatively light.

I think kyoujin kara wa shi-tsuryou ga kansoku sarezu is more like 'mass wasn't observed [from the giant]', and that's why the casualties are relatively light. In the keyword section under Giant & Red Dragon, this point was reinstated in that neither the giant nor the dragon had mass.

Aside from that, good job! Btw, are you only translating the timeline or will you get to the keyword section eventually as well?

User Info: DunanBubba

8 years ago#9
@Yuugure; good catch -- I hadn't even looked at the keywords yet. Your translation makes much more sense; I was looking at "kansoku" as meaning "observe what is in something" rather than "observe whether or not something exists".

More coming up, so please add comments and criticisms!


User Info: DunanBubba

8 years ago#10
Picking things up where we left off...


- Nagata-cho refuses to move, citing concerns about the ability to fill a quorum in the Diet

July - Shinjuku's Danger Level is raised to 4

- The danger level in Shinjuku reaches its highest level yet; transportation stoppages and roadblocks are seen

September - Plan to seal Shinjuku announced

- The Japanese government receives further reports of infection trajectories, and annouces a plan to physically seal off Shinjuku.
- Opposition movements and protests on moral grounds begin. A newspaper survey indicates that the majority of respondents are opposed (but on the internet, most respondents are in favor).
- In Shinjuku, a certain important person is attacked and killed by a person who has been infected by White Chlorination and has gone berserk. The mass media jumps on the story, and public opinion begins to trend toward sealing Shinjuku.

October - Shinjuku Sealing Plan implemented; Wall of Jericho erected

- An immense wall, later called the Wall of Jericho, is erected to physically seal Shinjuku away.
- Announcement that forcible suppression of people made berserk by White Chlorination will continue. Opposing demonstrations occur in various countries, along with world-wide criticism of the Japanese government.

December - Final pictures of inside the wall are leaked

- Transmissions sent my members of the media who voluntarily remained behind the wall in Shinjuku are abruptly cut off. The final film is cut-off with a scream as a giant white being appears. This image is not released (but leaks through the internet).

December 2005 - Transmission of WCS, then silence

- The JSDF and vigilante groups continue to rout the berserkers. The number of berserkers begins to decrease.
- The Japanese government announces that transmission of WCS infection has temporarily quieted; research on it continues.

May 2006 - Truth behind WCS is discovered

- Research results are presented to the government: whether the person infected with WCS will die or go berserk is determined at the genetic level. (The opinion is that people with slight irregularities in some chromosomes have a high probability of going berserk.)
- This result is not announced publicly; rather, research continues in secret. (It is later revealed that this is a mistaken interpretation due to falsified data.)

2006, month unknown - Attack on the research facility holding the dragon's body

- An incident where the research facility is attacked for the body of the dragon is prevented by security, the police, and the JSDF.
- Rumors swirl linking the incident to religious organizations or to North America. JSDF actions become extreme.

October 2007 - Irregularity in aerial photography of Shinjuku

- A strange black dot appears in aerial photographs of Shinjuku. (It is reported, but not considered important.)
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