act 1 level 3 help

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User Info: alphaglider

8 years ago#1

whenever i get to the place that you go in it wont let mt use indys whip tile or the green tiles is this a glitch or what

User Info: EricDent1

8 years ago#2
You might have to wait until Freeplay mode to use the Throw Pad (as I call the green pads). As for the Whip Pad (Brown Pads) they should work if you are Indy.

The Walkthrough should be up by tommorow (hopefully) so maybe that can help.
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User Info: jcassady14

8 years ago#3
Stuck with mutt in the room you go to after you ring the bell. It has a music box and a man running around. There is a lady in red dancing and someone hanging from the fan. What do I do??? None of the pads or switches seem to work. HELP!!!

User Info: alphaglider

8 years ago#4

it the guy and pick jim up and toss him in the cell

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