HELP cant find last bonus level

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User Info: ROGG7

8 years ago#1
I cant find the 4th bonus level in the last cursade. i need to know 2 questions 1) were the level is located and 2)how to activate it

User Info: EricDent1

8 years ago#2
Try the message boards for the console version of this game, caue there is no bonus levels in this game. Unless you are talking about the mini-games witch are unlocked with the Journal Pages. If so you are probably missing Castle Rescue which you need to dig up (hint it is really close to where Mac was hanging upside down, and you need to smash a bush to get the dig spot).
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User Info: reinalove

8 years ago#3
i am missing Castle Rescue Mini-Game too... may I ask are you talking about where there is a camp fire and airplane engine? Because i search everywhere and still cant find a bush to smash :(
thank you very much

User Info: ixnay

8 years ago#4
You dig it up. As you enter the puzzle area (the doors from the beach) go right and up one level. There will be a dark patch on the ground to the left of a cliff face. Dig there.

User Info: reinalove

8 years ago#5
oh really!!
I always thought it a shadow and didn't notice it!!

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