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User Info: Vivox

8 years ago#11
This game is pretty damn good. I'm really enjoying it. Had to decide between the PS3 version or the Wii version but went with the Wii ($10 cheaper).

The graphics are nice looking and the Wii controls are really good. Lots to do and find. Having alot of fun with it right now.
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User Info: kaisama88

8 years ago#12
I'm playing on King difficult and having fun so far.
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User Info: Mavrick588

8 years ago#13
When I heard no M+ (for some reason I thought it was in) I expected this game to be just another waggle fest and suck.

But I am very very impressed, solid gameplay, huge environments, tons of enemies and co-op!?
This game really takes me back to the Hobbit for PS2, which I loved so that's a plus.
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User Info: RageDressing

8 years ago#14
King of Harad had questions, answer his...

User Info: DrSpaceman

8 years ago#15
Has anyone gotten very far into the game on Hard/King difficulty yet? Does it ramp up in difficulty later on, or is it the cheese-fest of mindless dummies running at you the whole game that I experienced in the opening level?
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