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User Info: GateOfDoom

8 years ago#1
they always have a hidden Gem every year and i think this is it. Very good game plays alot like fable this game will get good reviews. If you have any questions i'll answer them the best i can.

User Info: King_Of_Harad

8 years ago#2

How responsive are the controls?

User Info: GateOfDoom

8 years ago#3
very responsive they did a really good job on the motion controls

User Info: King_Of_Harad

8 years ago#4

Have you tried Co-op? Does the second played get full control of Gandalf? Or does he move on his own?

Can you mount/dismount the horse when you want to?

Does the game feature music from the movies ?

Is Helms Deep Epic?


User Info: MasterAdeptAlex

8 years ago#5
Is the game level based or free roam?

Do you get to go through the Mines of Moria?
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User Info: dewc1

8 years ago#6

This game is definitely a gem, especially for kids. The game has fantastic graphics and the difficulty can be toned down to very easy (actually it's pretty easy on the middle difficulty) so anyone can play. I love how they tell the storyline. It stays true to the movies, but not too scary for the kids. The controls work very well, and there are lots of enemies on the screen at once. Each new level has a unique look to it, I love the art style. Great game IMHO.

User Info: 122988

8 years ago#7
so is it multiplayer or just co-op?
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User Info: huggybear1974

8 years ago#8

sounds good. Im going to get this game

User Info: X_Masquerade_X

8 years ago#9
got mine, about to start


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User Info: vocelli

8 years ago#10
I agree, this game is AWESOME.
My expections were low but I love LOTR's so I thought I would give it a try.
Plays more like Zelda. Adventuring, finding items. Having a blast!
Aragorn can shoot bows, block with a shield, up slash, down slash, cross slash. Lock on if you press z. C button looks around.
Side quests available.
Gandalf, played by my roommate, can shoot fireballs , heal, lightening, ground pound. and sword slash.
The game follows the story but with Aragorn.
Played for 4 hours and I am hooked!
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