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  3. Do you EVER get to bust some heads in this game?

User Info: Rayder

11 years ago#1
I'm up to chapter 2 now and it's still just running an jumping, no fighting at all yet. As far as I can tell, there are only 4 chapters.

Has anyone played through this whole game yet? Do you ever get to do anything besides just run and jump? I wanna administer lumps! You know, go into "ninja kitty" mode. Does that ever happen in this game?
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User Info: Yonimaru

11 years ago#2
well considering its chinese taichi based and not japanese ninja...naw, no ninja kitty^^"

just crouching tiger kitty lol
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User Info: grans

11 years ago#3
It's at least nothing like the PS2 version at all. You get your attacks at the very beginning in that game. This one, bleh, i can't believe i had any sort of expectations with it to be honest, but this is ridiculous.
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  3. Do you EVER get to bust some heads in this game?
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