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User Info: portez

11 years ago#1
Playing the game now.
Seems pretty good so far although they are doing what a lot of games on the ds do which is incorporate the sylus for no reason. You don't need it for normal gameplay but for some stupid reason you have to use it just to press continue during conversations even though the A button would work fine. Kinda annoying really.
The graphics look solid for a DS game and I'm enjoying the story although the intro is quite long.
Never played the PS version

User Info: Ransu

11 years ago#2
How is the movement and movement controls and how is the combat?

User Info: grans

11 years ago#3
I've played both versions, and i can say without a doubt that the PS2 version is far superior. I'm not talking graphics, which are ugly anyways, but gameplay. They are totally different games and don't share the same level design or level progression. The controls work ok, smooth enough. There's a run button with Y like Mario 64 DS. Unlike the PS2 version where you can double jump and attack immediately, you don't start with that. All you can do at first is just run and jump.

DS level design is really barren and uninteresting. Areas are flat with muddy textures and no people/structures. It's actually quite hideous really. The screens you see in the screen tab are fake, taken from the PS2 version.

Anyone who has Kay on PS2- do NOT bother with this one, it's pretty bad, ugly, and is nothing like it. Those who don't have it- get it and avoid this one at all costs. This is a quick buck game with no effort put into it. I wanted to like this game, but it's not any good IMO.
NEVER judge a game you have not played.

User Info: Gaming_Pal_TEJ

11 years ago#4

I totally agree with this. I bought the game expecting a competent action platformer......so far there is no action, the platforming is bad, bad camera controls, and the game feels so lifeless.

luckily it was only 20 dollars.

User Info: odino

11 years ago#5
try to find the PS2 game for less than 20 dollars, it will be worth it

User Info: GameGoddess32

11 years ago#6

Yeah,I bought the game too,and I'm dissappointed in it.I loved the PS2 version,and I was hoping this would be similar...uh,no.I'm going to trade this in towards something cool.

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User Info: dragonchimera

11 years ago#7
I've never played the original, but I tried this and ended up returning it. The landscape is definitely bland, and I feel the games description on the back of the box is misleading. Only once you've started up the game does it tell you that you can't attack bad guys that can think (ie: other anthro characters). I only played the first area, and the only thing I could attack were spiders by jumping on them. As far as I know, you can't use a sword.

The game's supposed to be a stealth platformer if you want a short answer.
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