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User Info: DevilReaper17

12 years ago#1
This is great news for me... i loved the PS2 game and its storyline and battles with the rats and gorillas i hope Kays line isnt proved true

taken from Legend of Kay PS2

"Maybe they're Lying bastards ever consider that?!?" XDDD
Please i hope this game is like the PS2 game

User Info: grans

12 years ago#2
I've never had the pleasure of playing the PS2 game, but I am certainly pleased at this. Heard it was quite a good game and such. Gamespot/Faqs just added screen from IGN, but I'm skeptical as to whether they are from the DS version. The game appears fully 3D. That isn't impossible on the DS of course, but the graphics look exactly the same as the PS2 game (which IS an impossibility). The screens here don't have any of the blockiness of pixelation seen in all 3D DS games. I would really like to see more screens or video footage showing the DS game. The screens are also at large resolutions here, larger than a DS screen. The IGN version of the screens (same screens) are at DS resolution. I seriously doubt those are what the real game will look like.
NEVER judge a game you have not played.

User Info: ratchetfan09867

12 years ago#3
has anyone noticed this is being made by a different developer?
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  3. Legend of Kay?!? OMG Yesssss!!!
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