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  3. Love this game, just hate when I have to resort to using the hints..

User Info: kaMMakaZZi29

11 years ago#1
I figured out that perhaps I'd have to melt the lock to get Otis out of jail, so I went to the Scumm Bar and tried to put the boiling stew from the pot into the mugs. Obviously this didn't work, so I had to keep using hints to figure out you needed to put grog in the mugs instead. Right idea, just couldn't figure it out myself.

A game has never made me feel so stupid before. And now that Otis is out of prison I have NO idea what to do. I don't want to always resort to using the hint system when I get stuck because it just feels like I'm cheating..

But how the heck am I supposed to figure out what to do now? I can't get a ship because I can't get a letter of credit (because I don't have a job). Some guy is telling me I have reservations at the Governor's Mansion for 2:30... and my only guess is to be on the game at literally 2:30 my time..

User Info: Parasite1101

11 years ago#2
So far I am on chapter 3, ive used a total of 2 hints, one on chapter 2 and one on chapter 3 and im lost again. I dont usually like to use hints, but im wondering just to make me feel better I will allow myself to use at most 3 hints throughout an entire playthrough.

Ive realised a few things about the way the game works by using the odd couple of hints and hope to learn by my mistake in the future.

For example with you, you learnt that you can use a cup with another cup.

For me I was thinking about how to get one item and the hint told me to do something completely different, in other words I was WAY off!

Now im wondering whether to use my final hint and get myself unstuck again, the last one for the entire playthrough :o

User Info: Parasite1101

11 years ago#3
Ill also add its times like this when I wish they didnt put hints in, im too tempted to use them :(

User Info: Spikie852

11 years ago#4
You think this is frustrating, try playing Zak MacKraken and the Alien Mindbenders! In Monkey Island you are like 'hmmm, what do I do next... #walks through 10 screens with a dozen items in the inventory#' while Zak is 'Hmm, what do I do next... #walks through about 50 screens with a bazillion, often useless, items in the inventory AND THEN FINDS OUT YOU CAN ONLY DO IT FOR SO LONG TILL YOU RUN OUT OF MONEY AND HAVE TO RESTART'

And this was in the days before the internet so you were on your own (I remember when all this was trees/damn kids get off my lawn)

I agree though, Monkey Island always perplexed me but I got through it wiothout hints (and I'm sure you could too if the hints weren't easy to get at). I'm about to download MI2 and give that a go, never actually played it before so thank you Xbox for giving me the chance!
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User Info: KokomodaRockr

11 years ago#5
hahaha 10 years later i still havent beaten zak makracken. i cant get past the part where the 2 girls from space are supposed to meet up with zak through the wall they can somehow breakdown with the dance they learn from the indians. could never figure out how to do it. haha.
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User Info: kikaiser

11 years ago#6
God Zak was hell. That was back when lucasarts were toying with the idea but had no idea just how hard they were making the game. Ya man like they say, this game is easy compared to some of the earlier games. Maniac Mansion was hell because you could literally screw yourself just with who you picked to go into the mansion... Friggin nerd is scared of the tentacle... too much Hentai perhaps?
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User Info: Azrael_2

11 years ago#7
Go and ask the shopkeeper for a letter of credit, and lie, saying you have a job. That's a hint, not the answer.

I didn't realise the game gave you hints, I'm oldschool. I came here 4 times though to look at the FAQ.
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