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User Info: kaiserfury

11 years ago#1
and I can't get any of the pirates to use the insult about not being any match for my brain, or something like that. Its the last one i need for the achivement and its starting to make me mad!!!

User Info: WishingTikal

11 years ago#2
yeah it took me an hour you just have to keep trying
it's really frustrating
Cute games are the best. ^_^
(message deleted)

User Info: starwarsjunky

11 years ago#4
just keep trying. there's no way to rush it.

User Info: Parasite1101

11 years ago#5
How appropriate you fight like a cow! :)

User Info: tuzlowps

11 years ago#6
I'm trying to get the same insult >.>. Is it purely luck?
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