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User Info: DoubleDose4

8 years ago#1

I am putting this on both boards so that I can get a clear picture of which might be better for me

Please can you give me better points then "this game is better" give me reasons why it is better please

I have been playing Ea games and even played The show 08. Never really got into the 2k series. but after playing both demos i do like the look and pitching controls of 2k.

Is there career and franchise modes in 2k? the show looks more realistic with balls bouncing just past a guys glove...

But which is more entertaining?

User Info: bblbig

8 years ago#2
Just so you know...90% of The Show players swear it's the best baseball game ever...

That being said, Ive owned both this year, both last year, and The Show since MVP sadly went away. This years Show is very very good at what it does, which is completely sim baseball. If you are a diehard purist and have the time to devote 2 hrs to a game (like real baseball) then you'll live it.
I personally am more interested in a MVPesque sim/play style of game, and feel 2k10 delivers that quite well.

Basically I'd say this

graphics- The Show no question
gameplay- depends on what you want, I prefer 2k
online- both suck and are laggy, but Show is far more played online
franchise- I actually prefer 2k just for the menu system and easier trade/move up and down
My player/Road to the Show- I don't really get into this part, but I know my bro in law prefers The Show.

It's really about what you want. I'll sacrifice graphics for a more enjoyable 75% sim 25%arcade gameplay, with a great 'chise mode. I don't play online too much and don't touch the My Player.
My vote is 2k10. Plus the $20 less doesn't hurt either if you care
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User Info: USMC575

8 years ago#3

MLB 10 the show all the way. It is the definitive baseball experience. Take a deep look into MLB 10 and see why everyone loves it.

User Info: chapstickick12

8 years ago#4
I prefer 2K10. I love the pitching.
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  3. the show or 2k? please read and reply
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