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User Info: BEAST8380

9 years ago#1
which game is better and why?

User Info: chapstickick12

9 years ago#2
The last 2K baseball game I played until now was 2K8. I switched to The Show because it always got better reviews. I wish I didn't switch because I love the pitching in the 2K baseball games. 2K10 is by far the best 2K baseball game to date, but its far from perfect. Comparing 2K10 and MLB 10 The Show, The Show is much more polished and is a "full" baseball sim. I just hate the pitching in The Show. It feels really outdated compared to 2K10. 2K10 does have A LOT of bugs and the graphics are not nearly as good as The Show. Also The Show has more of a community.

I hope this helps.
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