Good Baseball Game for Wii

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User Info: dcstud

8 years ago#1
For the past couple of years I have eagerly awaited the next MLB 2k game to come out, only to be dissapointed. I tried every game on the market last year, with the exception of the Bigs. I just really wanted a game that looks graphically decent and that I can play a quick game or two of baseball. I don't want some funky design, I want it to look like the real thing and I want to play it on my Wii.

So, after researching for awhile I came across stellar reviews of EA's MVP 2005 for the GameCube. This was evidently the last year EA had license rights to make a MLB game. I paid $7 for this off Amazon and I am pretty sure I got a brand new copy because it came sealed and everything looked brand new. It does require you to go get a 16MB GameCube save card because it requires a save of about 550 files -- that kind of sucked. And, by the way the only place I could find that still has these is GameStop.

Anyways, the game evidently pushed the limits for the GameCube. It still looks pretty stellar and looks so much better than MLB 2K10 it is unbelievable. It has progressive scan mode that when enabled displays the game in widescreen. The game looks awesome on my 65 inch plasma. And, it also has a really great implementation of Dolby Pro-Logic steering. It sounds just the way you would expect it to. This is all from a game that is five years old!

So, for all those that want a good baseball game for the Wii and are sick of 2K Sports giving us this junk year after year, go find a copy of MVP 2005.

User Info: bascubs29

8 years ago#2
I still play mine on the PS2. I'm glad people are realizing the game is as good as it gets. (I think its better than the show.)
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User Info: eyesofnight

8 years ago#3

i perfer mlb power pros 08. The MLB life feature is awesome.

User Info: dzimm

8 years ago#4
Agree. You want the best baseball sim for the Wii it simply doesn't get any better than MLB Power Pros 2008. The graphics might be cutesy but the gameplay and indepth statistics are second to none.

User Info: GameCuber18

8 years ago#5
Here I thought that this topic was going to be about how MLB2K10 is a good baseball game for Wii, only to find out that he's talking about MVP 2005! WTF? I haven't played a game since MVP 2005 on PS2 and I think it's about time for me to get a new game for Wii. The best advice someone can give me is to buy MVP 2005!? It's time for me to update.
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User Info: murb92

8 years ago#6
I still have MVP 05 on my PS2. Love that game. But Ken Griffey Jr Slugfest always will be the best.
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