I just Got this game....BE AWARE!!!

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  3. I just Got this game....BE AWARE!!!

User Info: pretty_boy42002

8 years ago#1
Where do i start? This game sucks worst than superman64...

Here is my small review:

Graphics: I have seen better graphics on the Playstation 1, not, but 1...
It looks horrible, the players look flat and it has a lot of frame rate issues.

Gameplay: I was hoping that at least the gameplay would be enough o keep me in the game, but i was wrong. The gameplay sucks as well, First of all, you have to use the nun-chuck along with the remote to bat...Not only that but it only takes a small twist from the Wiimote to swing. I don't know why they didn't implement the motion plus so we can get a real batting experience. I was really looking foward to the batting part, but sadly, its a dissapointment. The pitching its ok i guess, but it still needs to be polished a bit, as the wii mote sometimes wont recognize when pointing up for the windup.

Modes: one word, retarded. No online, no roster updates, no career modes... what else need to be said?

Conclution: I advice all you guys to skip this terrible excuse for a baseball game. 2ksports got lazy on us and we should pay them back by not buying this retarded game!

Your thoughts?
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User Info: Muka

8 years ago#2
This game sucks worst than superman64...

lol i agree

i hope u all buy power pro baseball instead
k thx bye lol

User Info: Jagr_68

8 years ago#3
I'm still puzzled how 2k made a great hockey game on the Wii yet their baseball titles really suck............
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User Info: xxupyourzxx

8 years ago#4
dont hate appreciate it :D
best wii game of the year :D :D :D almost as good at modern warfare reflex. infact its better
~Tyler aka Ihit2run
~Crackled Cinema Founder
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  3. I just Got this game....BE AWARE!!!

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