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User Info: guttertalk

9 years ago#1
Wanting a new game, I read the reviews and picked up this game. I've bought games that have been C games on metacritic but that I have immensely enjoyed, finding more to them than reviewers gave credit for. I've now played Elite Squadron for a couple hours, and overall, this isn't a bad game, but it's not very challenging, which results in repetition.

Let me qualify my opinions: I'm a middle aged gamer and father whose gaming skills have declined. :) I buy the Star Wars games mainly for my 10-year-old son, but I like to play them as I'm a Star Wars fan, too, and I have greatly enjoyed past SW games (Dark Forces I and II, KotOR, etc.).

When you run into a room, you have to typically clear out the droids. With the auto-aim, you have to do little more than press B because the target automatically switches to another droid as soon as you kill the current target. So far, I've no need to use cover or to use the exploding tanks. Part of the problem is that hits do little damage. I've dropped grenades on myself and continued to fight, even while getting shot. So, I've been able to run into the middle of a bunch of droids and kill them while suffering little damage. But if you want to play it safe, you can slowly enter a room and as soon as you see a droid, start shooting. (Yep, you can shoot off-screen droids.)

And the game has no challenges for key objectives. For example, to open a game, press X at the very obvious terminal. Or press X to set the ship to self-destruct. I'll take Jedi Alliance's puzzles or even Republic Heroes unlocking sequences over this "roll over and surrender" approach. (The problem with Jedi Alliance was that some puzzles had very unclear instructions but were easy after you knew what to do.) I realize Battlefront is an action series, but this isn't the typical Battlefront game.

The racing sequences are also far too easy. For example, after setting a ship to self-destruct, you have to race back to your ship before the timer ends. I ran, expecting more droids or obstacles. Nothing that interesting. You just run. It's ridiculously easy. Even with obstacles and droid attacks, the bike racing section was pretty easy as well. Again, Jedi Alliance had more challenging race levels.

As a result, the game has little to slow you down or make you think. And it's a shame because this could have been better fairly easily--take more damage from hits, don't give unlimited ammo for most weapons (like, give us a reason to use grenades), add some puzzles. Or design better levels that aren't the usual room that you clear and move on to clear another room. Hidden areas? Give us reason to use cover or to cycle through all our weapons.

I played the multiplayer only slightly, to get a taste. But I played with bots as I have no friends. :) But the difference was night and day. 3-5 hits, and my character died, unlike the campaign. I had to use cover and grenades, again, unlike the campaign. Even with the bots, this felt like a different game, closer to Battlefront (though still not there yet). I know multiplayer can be more difficult because you respawn. But there's no reason that the campaign couldn't have at least some levels like this--levels where you have to fight through multiple, powerful enemies. Event he boss levels that I have played so far in the campaign weren't as difficult as the multiplayer.

I'll continue to play the game, in part to see where the story goes but also to see if it improves. (I actually find the space fights the most entertaining type of level so far, partly because I've also been terrible at flight games so there's a little challenge in that respect.)

User Info: mariostar0001

9 years ago#2
You like it better now that it's been a month?

User Info: cookieRawr01

9 years ago#3

i need help i need 2 more awards the kill 50 droids and strom troopers wats the rewards? and wat mission i do it on?

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