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User Info: ScreamLoomis

9 years ago#1
Beat the "shoot down the Invisible Hand (CSI starship)" sequence? I get seemingly killed every time for no reason before I reach the end. I shoot down all possible cannons but many shots still hit me. Help? Thanks in advance!
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User Info: Calvin079

9 years ago#2
^ I hated that one to. Just keep trying; thats all I can offer you for help. Try going "in order." They are staggered and if they looked like this here is what I mean:

Hit the first one, then the next 3 then the last one. Try that and see what you get.
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User Info: triplem1075

9 years ago#3
I had trouble with it at first, but its pretty simple, just make sure you keep looking down as far as you can go too, the torrets are down there too, not just in the middle of the ship and to the top of it ... you'll pass it easily enough....Eventually you will get to a hanger and shoot out some parked tie fighters to proceed.

User Info: cookieRawr01

9 years ago#4

i need help i got every award but these 2 the kill 50 stromtroopers and 50 droids wats the awards for them infinate health or infinate force? plz help me and wat class i use to egt them done? also wat mission to get it on?

User Info: pug13111111

9 years ago#5
The kill 50 stromtroopers and kill 50 droids rewards give you no benefits or anything for that matter.
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  3. How the holy chewbaccas do I.....
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