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User Info: ShiftSand

9 years ago#11

I would recommend for you and anyone that's looking for a great action game/FPS for DS to check out Metroid Prime : Hunters, or the new Call of Duty : Modern warfare, Mobilized. Both are fantastic.

User Info: robulastage

9 years ago#12
The new CoD looks like it has all the intensity the new BF should have, plus more.
I think that's the direction I'm going to go in.
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User Info: cookieRawr01

9 years ago#13
well i hear you about the 16 rebels but 3 on the ds hard to handle to evem when in free play XD

User Info: triplem1075

9 years ago#14
Honestly.. no... once you have completed the game, there is nothing that makes you want to replay it again. The bonus awards are useless... ifi t had a level select, ya might play it a few more times, but it doesnt, once you beat the game, you have to run the campaign again.

User Info: mariostar0001

9 years ago#15
Why does everyone hate this game? And why do they ignore me when I ask questions? I must know the battlefields.

User Info: cookieRawr01

9 years ago#16

i keep playing the hero mode over again XD

User Info: cookieRawr01

9 years ago#17

i got question wats the defeat 50 droids and 50 strom troopers wats there um award? is it like infinate health or infinate force? and wat mission should i do to get them and wat class to use?

User Info: robulastage

9 years ago#18
This board is slowly dying. I predict it will let loose its last breath within 2-3 months.
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User Info: andy243

9 years ago#19
it is a good game i just got it today

User Info: robulastage

9 years ago#20
I actually completely forgot about this game and topic until I saw it in my active messages list. lol...
Poor Battlefront.
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