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User Info: robulastage

9 years ago#1
I have a startling lack of games for my DS; only 3.
I thought to myself, "I should get something with action!"
I heard about this game when I was looking for a good shooter for the DS, which is something the DS greatly lacks, I hear. I was happy for a minute; on paper it sounded a lot like the Battlefronts I tore through on my PS2 and Xbox.
The space combat sounds horrible with no up/down movement The shooter action is played in third person? What the heck? Four people on the map at once?

I loved the old Battlefronts, but is this worth it, really?
I've seen so many mixed reviews from you guys. Some of you say it's ok. Some say its pretty bad.
Does it have ANY of the old Battlefront magic?

When I read about this game, I felt like I was hearing about an old friend or close ex heading down the wrong path during the years of our separation.
Elite Squadron seems like a great girlfriend turned crack fiend.
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User Info: obishawn

9 years ago#2
For what it is, an attempt at an epic SW game on the DS, it is a good game. But I say only get this if you are hardcore into SW or have people to play this with. The game isn't bad, but extremely repetitive. You spend most of the on-foot missions just pressing B over and over and over and over again. The flight missions really arent' so bad. Yeah, it sucks that you can't go up or down, but other than that, I think they did a good job on them.

If you can rent this or borrow it or find some other way to try it before you buy it, do so. Or just wait for the price to drop. I still think that LEGO Star Wars The Complete Saga is the best SW experience on the DS.
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User Info: robulastage

9 years ago#3
Thanks for your input, obishawn!
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User Info: GameGoddess32

9 years ago#4

Well,at first I thought this game was alright.I rented it,and I've been playing it for almost a week now,and it is very repetitive.And the battles where you are in a ship...all you can do is turn left and right,you can't go up or down and you just have to keep shooting and hope that you hit the enemies.I liked the overall feel of the game,because I liked the SWBF games for the PS2 but I'm just not a fan of the FPS games(I liked that the games were in the SW universe).If it wasn't for the fact that it's repetitive and the ship battles,I might have kept this game,but now I'm not so sure.

User Info: TheMisfit

9 years ago#5
It's too easy. I'm hoping there is a hard mode after you beat it, because I like a challenge.

User Info: robulastage

9 years ago#6
I don't think I'm going to even try this. I'll wait for a sequel :)
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User Info: moldorf

9 years ago#7
It's not a battlefront game. The title is misleading.
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User Info: cookieRawr01

9 years ago#8
if your a fan or not i would recomend this game. if you played the kotor sw for the oringinal xbox then i would say get it. its sort of similar in its own way.

User Info: robulastage

9 years ago#9
This game seems like it might be ok, but it just does not look like the Battlefront I'm used to.
I'm used to 16 Rebels all storming my position with shotguns, blaster rifles, rockets at the ready, grenades flying towards me and bouncing off the wall behind me, while a Smuggler yells "DIE DIE DIE" to my fallen comrade in arms while I frantically scrambles towards the ammo droid to replenish my supply of ammo and grenades whilst peppering the rebel scum with blaster fire in an almost vain hope to retain my own life in service of the Empire; the whole time sniper shots are ringing around my ears and my only back up is all the way at spawn point 6 which just so happens to be 2 miles away, AND I have a Wookiee staring me down.

This game doesn't seem like it will deliver that same thrill. :)
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User Info: Calvin079

9 years ago#10
No. This game I find is very boring. If you are still looking for an action game, I'd recommend Lord of the Rings: Conquest for DS. In instant action, you get a map at random and the number of enemies and your allies are set at equal numbers (say 250.) Your allies will go off on their own to take over Command Points and slaughter their enemies or get killed themselves. You can do your own thing. You win or lose by the same methods:

Lose all allies or defeat all enemies (all 250)


Take all the map's Command Points and hold them for 30 seconds or the enemy does the same to you.

There are different difficulty settings.
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