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User Info: Born2beNoob

9 years ago#1

I know itsa multicard only thats ok with me but I think i remember someone saying if your playing multiplayer there are no bots is that true?

User Info: darthslim108

9 years ago#2

If you have 4 people then there are no bots. Basically there are always 4 players, and if there aren't that many people then bots fill in.

User Info: Born2beNoob

9 years ago#3

that sounds lame.

User Info: mariostar0001

9 years ago#4
For Battlefront it is rather lame, but most shooters have something like it. It's more Metroid Prime: Hunters with its multi-player. And what do you expect anyways? I personally think it's an okay idea as I will primarily be playing single player.
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User Info: stufa1978

9 years ago#5
4 Characters?
Hmm, set back.

But still I am curious how this game runs.
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