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User Info: TheSkillzy

8 years ago#41
plus heres some facts

(1) 200 people cant fit in 1 match even if there was enough hackers online
(2) i have people that will switch to my side as soon as i come online and take out cheats with me
(3) generally hackers are stupid (strong but stupid) even if i lose i can easy irritate them
(4) i played against 4 man [HACK] squads in the past few days zapping the crap out of everything that moves and i smacked them off the high horse they ride (and im a lowly noob to this game at least)
(5) by standing my ground and flippin em all off at every oppurtunity others are changing their minds and see em as idiots NOT good players which can only lead to a rebellion and a eventual order 66 operation ;)

User Info: TheSkillzy

8 years ago#42
-RA1D3R- posted...
but when you go around saying you hate all hackers and that we have no skill. thats what makes people mad

Oh but you have no skill, exploiting a game and hacking is not skill, it's cheating. Kinda like taking steroids in sports is frowned upon/illegal. If you had any real skill you would not need hacks.

much respect RA1D3R speakin the truth ever wanna double team hit me up :)

User Info: warrior2464

8 years ago#43
Wait, hold on, hold on haha. You think using hacks is not cheating Soldier? Seriously xD? Damn man, that is one skewed view you got lol. Kinda sad really, but funny as hell to read. You honestly believe that lol?
I stand alone...

User Info: Soldier235689

8 years ago#44
Skillzy you can't expect at all to beat our clan with a clan full of legit people. We have the best of the best and if you make a clan and challenge us you will lose. And btw we hack and if we want we can make our whole clan fit in one game. And to all of you who say hacking is wrong, you havnt even tried it so don't even. Also if you think we just hack games we don't. We do lots of other stuff. Coding is only one thing we can do. There's lots more

User Info: TheSkillzy

8 years ago#45
Soldier235689 posted...
whatever i dont feel like arguing anymore and your opinion won't be changed

hmmmmmmmmmm you got no friends here mr hacker boy bye bye ;)

User Info: Badman76

8 years ago#46
i have hacked games before (PC games) and for the first month it was fun, but i also saw how much easier i made the game which ruined the gameplay. so after that i never hacked again. btw those games had no online multiplayer...
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User Info: darthsnider

8 years ago#47
If you have to hack any game, much less a damn PSP game with no community, you're terrible.
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User Info: cantonin

8 years ago#48
I've seen some hackers actually do some fun and impressive things. For example online co op campaign in es. In fact, Alot of the hack clan is quite friendly! I wouldn't hack myself but I have no problem with hackers that go easy on non hackers. And I don't really care about people with a hack game save. The ones who use lightsabers are easy enough to kill with a magnastaff. I also don't really care if people hack for different colours.
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