Sleeper Amulet question. *Quest spoiler*

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  3. Sleeper Amulet question. *Quest spoiler*

User Info: trunks0709

7 years ago#1
Where is the third meteoric ore piece in the temple district? I found one in a building and one in the grass. Anyone?

User Info: PhilR1

7 years ago#2
I never did find all the ores. I was missing one in the slums and the temple area. In the end I just completed the quest for the Shadow mage to kill all the demons. They are actually highlighted on the map for you. Not sure if you're aware of this but you can actually accept quests from all three mages and complete which one you want. I chose Shadow Mage because his quest was the easiest.
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User Info: catremihut

7 years ago#3

there r 2 stones in grass in temple district.

one in that park behind the buildings and the 2nd is near the temple to the north, there is a tangue of land between the cliffs that leads to the end of the map.

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  3. Sleeper Amulet question. *Quest spoiler*

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