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User Info: HydroDragon

8 years ago#1
1) Get to Tuesday
2) Partner up with someone with a bad deck. (I chose Carly Carmine.)
3) Empty everything you can from their deck and replace everything with burn cards. Tremendous Fire, Ookazi, Restructer Revolution, Poison of the Old Man, Hinotoma, Goblin Thief, Chain Strike, Fire Darts, Magical Explosion, Fire Trooper and Magic Cylinder work well.
4) Repeat step 3 with your deck. (Optional)
5) Enter the low life points tournament, at champion difficulty.
6) Sit back and watch as your partner wins the duel in the first turn, winning you about 1000 DP each time.
7) Admire your 10,000+ increase in DP
PSN:- HydroDragon95

User Info: 69skitzo69

8 years ago#2
lol awesome

User Info: Neeky

8 years ago#3
LOL I did the same but removed all trap cards and replaced them with Magic Cylinder, Defense Draw, and Dimension Wall.

Not as good as your idea but surprisingly it worked.

User Info: Shake_Like_E

8 years ago#4
Another method is build an Exodia Deck with the pieces of Exodia, 1 Heart of the Underdog and 34 normal monsters, set heart as destiny card and do handicap matches, go second so you get destiny draw and next turn you win. as long as you draw Exodia in your starting hand then you can win on your second turn, if not there is a chance you wont win until your third turn.

User Info: HydroDragon

8 years ago#5
Actually, don't add Poison of the Old Man. The A.I always uses it to gain life points, even if using the other effect would win them the duel. -__-
PSN:- HydroDragon95

User Info: Aznxknight

8 years ago#6
They figured 1200 is greater than 800 so they would use life gain effect instead. There were countless times where the opponent can finish me off with the burn effect of that card but instead just uses it to gain life.
" All life begins with Nu and ends with Nu... This is the truth! This is my belief! ...at least for now. "
The Mystery of Life" Vol. 841 Ch. 26

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