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User Info: isaac52

10 years ago#181
Mmm, i like editing decks too much to give up saving. Plus i know about 90% of card images/descriptions. A bit more time and i should be good to go with a raw jap dump. Thanks a ton though.

User Info: isaac52

10 years ago#182
But is there ANYTHING i can edit out while being able to save, particularly card names?

User Info: tokino_kei

10 years ago#183
so what's your problem if you know 90% of the cards you card sort them or narrow them down if you know their effects even without knowing their names.. anyways... you can try for yourself this if want card names only..

cardh_e.ehp --> is the card name where in it is the card header

using UMDgen v4
cardh_e.ehp -- use as source file --- relink cardh_j.ehp to source

User Info: isaac52

10 years ago#184
Well for the few i don't know by heart, I'd like to just be able to google their names to find the effects.

But thanks (Y) I'll try this :D

User Info: tokino_kei

10 years ago#185
you can try the yugioh wikia site if finding card names, effects..

User Info: J_BYYX

10 years ago#186
Good news! l found how to change japanese descriptions in to english, Now l am working on story mode, menus and other stuff to be english too...

User Info: nyczxjay

10 years ago#187
Well, would you like to share how you did it? It doesn't mean anything unless you tell us what you did. I don't really care about translating the story or the menu. I only care about the card descriptions while keeping the Japanese voices.

User Info: SteadyShark

10 years ago#188
Tracking topic for later.

All of these games would have been better with the voicework left in. Hell, it'd be EASIER to leave it in and merely have the option to turn them off.
GT = SteadiestShark - When will there be an edit button?

User Info: J_BYYX

10 years ago#189
To make english card descriptions you need to hex edit cardinfo_eng.ehp

Find this:
CARD_Desc_E.bin.....CARD_Genre.bin..`..CARD_Huff_E.bin.0...CARD_Indx_E.bin.....CARD_IntID.bin..&..CARD_Name_E.bin..@..CARD_Pass.bin..@..CARD_Prop.bin.....CARD_SamePict_E.bin.....CARD_Sort_E.bin.D ..CARD_Top_E.bin.n...DICT_E.bin.>d..DLG_Indx_E.bin.....DLG_T

And replace _E with _J.
Like this:
CARD_Desc_J.bin.....CARD_Genre.bin..`..CARD_Huff_J.bin.0...CARD_Indx_J.bin.....CARD_IntID.bin..&..CARD_Name_J.bin..@..CARD_Pass.bin..@..CARD_Prop.bin.....CARD_SamePict_J.bin.....CARD_Sort_J.bin.D ..CARD_Top_J.bin.n...DICT_J.bin.>d..DLG_Indx_J.bin.....DLG_T

then rename to cardinfo_jpn.ehp and put in your japanese tf4 game.

User Info: tokino_kei

10 years ago#190
woah!! its good to see that someone started as the same path as mine in using jap dump.. anyways i had a similar thought with yours.. but yours was proved to the most accurate "J_BYYX"

in your method i guess you need to omit those files without "_E"
anyways using J_BYYX' method it "works" good work!

ive made changes but unfortunately the card image like mystic tomato, monster reborn, ultimate offering etc. is the same as the english ones but all in the deck edit are english and arranged in alphabetical order..
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