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User Info: princess_katia

11 years ago#1
I have heard people talk about having more plots to grow crops on being the best way to make money and so on. I am wondering, though, if that will leave any time to do other things, like make friends with people/animals. How do you all manage your time? Thank you.

User Info: Voda20

11 years ago#2

AP has so much time in a day, that it is easy to do everything.

I did not purchase plots till I upgraded my watering can to decent level, tho - so I can water everything fast.

If you do have trouble with time, you can split your week - like visiting everyone on Flute fields on Mondays (after you finish your fields work), Harmnica town on Tuesdays, mining on Wednesdays and so on.

Plus, after marriage you husband and kids can help with watering and harvesting - leaving you tons of time to do everything else....

User Info: Halcyone

11 years ago#3
I thought the same until I upgraded my watering can to silver. It waters a 9x9 square now. I have two fields and so much extra time after visiting and everything else that spend a few hours fishing to pass the time until evening.
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User Info: duran1975

11 years ago#4
Upgrading your watering can is the key...such a time saver.
I can usually have all my chores done by 8am. I take care of my animals first (while in the barn/coop) then let them out to play and eat. Then I water all my plants (have two plots of food and one plot of trees). On days that I have a ton of stuff to harvest I may have to stick around my farm until 11am or so...but that's not so bad, there is still time to fish or go to the island or whatever else that needs doing.
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User Info: princess_katia

11 years ago#5
Thank you all very much. A silver watering can, huh? I'll have to go dig up some ores, then. Thank you!
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