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User Info: mugsalug

9 years ago#1
We know that PS2 has been shafted for the custom track feature, but there are ways around this. IF you have an mp3 player or a cd player.... run an RF headphone transmitter from the headphone jack through your RF source. Make sure that your game options for sound are set to stereo.

When creating entrances for whoever you want a custom theme for... select NONE for music. Then have the track ready to play when the superstar or cas enters the ring. It doesn't load from the HDD like it does in the next gen systems, yet it plays through the television JUST the same as it would on a ps3 or 360... beggars can't be choosers. Not only that, but if you want custom tracks this is the best and easiest way to use custom tracks.

You can get the RF device from radio shack.. It is approx $10.

It has a headphone adapter at one end and the white/red rf adapters at the other in a Y shape./
Hope this is of help to some users.

User Info: Sebeczek

9 years ago#2
Thats interesting can you support with some photos ?

User Info: AWatkins170180

9 years ago#3
My cousin tried this and his PS2 went out, So this does not work
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User Info: wmc128

9 years ago#4
Or you can turn on your stereo up,ihome,and just listen to your mp3 player.

Why does everyone have to complicate everything all the time?
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User Info: mugsalug

9 years ago#5
sorry i haven't gotten back. i am in college full time. It does work. I do it all the time. If your cousin's console messed up, then he probably hooked it up wrong. I have an FCC license that says I know what I am talking about.


you hook the rca adapter up to your mp3 player ... and then with rca cords red and white... connect them to their corresponding input outlets on your television, the music will not play if the game is off.

then.... follow my directions

User Info: sicfearless1

9 years ago#6
I'm with you wmc

User Info: Lone_Wolf_Rules

9 years ago#7
sorry, but tht is an utter waste of time. I have no idea why anyone would even try such a thing.

User Info: charlesburg55

9 years ago#8
I tried this and it works great. My RF thing came from meijers and it was only 5.99
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