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User Info: naterkix

12 years ago#1
Okay, something just happened that just about made me yell very loudly, but seeing as how people are sleeping elsewhere in the house I resisted.

Anyway, I just was able to get my Sim his first promotion. I was like, "Schwa!" So, I send him of to work the next Simday and after he gets there I get a nice message reading:
In Memoriam:
Your Sim was suffocated under legal paper.
I though it meant he sucked so bad at his job he got fired. But then I tap ok and it shows a screen with a Sim standing by a grave. Tap again, oh look the main menu!
Has anything like this happened to anyone else and am I the only one who finds this a tad redonkulous? (A few steps past ridiculous)
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User Info: sykinder

12 years ago#2
Yeah.... That happen to me three times now 2 of the times were "your sims ego grew to big for his body" and "a experimental monkey escaped and killed you" it's really stupid how they put this in it but it goes a little bit after that event happened and it's like the time skipped and that's about it

User Info: agentheliosmith

12 years ago#3
Yes that happened to me, and I was like "WHAT" so I go back to the game and its like 18:00 and nothings wrong go figure.


12 years ago#4
Hmm...I'm hesitant to buy this game after reading this. Sounds like a bad glitch.

User Info: PhantomRob

12 years ago#5
...it's not a glitch. It doesn't do anything. It was probably put in for humor purposes.

User Info: RatedRDragon

12 years ago#6
Does anything happen afterward? I mean I've died about a total of 5-7 times already. I haven't died in a while, so I wouldn't know if time does pass, but I don't think anything changes, no loss of money, your happiness. It's as of your death never happened lol It's almost annoying as when the game crashes and sends you home.

User Info: MadTim

12 years ago#7
Its not a glitch guys...
I sent my sim to work with just a little energy and he died... I think it is if you send them to work for lets say 7 hours but one of their stats will be empty in like 5 hours... They die. Make sure your sim can make it through the day stat wise before you send them off to work for that long.
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User Info: burn_me_out

12 years ago#8
I got a "your sim´s bladder has exploded" ):
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