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User Info: Bolt_Action

7 years ago#1
General Strategies

1) For the first 3 rounds, use your pistol and knife. You do NOT need to buy a gun at this point. Here is the general damage needed to kill a zombie for the first 3 rounds...

Round 1 = 1 knife, 2-3 headshots, or roughly 5 body shots with a pistol.
Round 2 = 2 knife hits, 3-5 headshots, or roughly 6-9 body shots.
Round 3 = 3 knife hits, 4-7 headshots, or roughly 8-12 body shots.

Also, try to get collaterals whenever possible (no matter what the gun is.) Shooting through 2 or more zombies at once gives you more points and kills zombies faster. Do it!

2) Let SOME zombies into the room. Do this for at least the first few rounds. After round 5-6 though, I would recommend not letting them in as you increase your chance of getting overwhelmed. They have the potential to drop power ups and they also let you rebuild the windows (which gives you points.) This technique isn’t really recommended if you are playing with random people, as they will try to steal your kills or wonder WTF you are doing.

3) After the 3rd round buy a gun and if possible, move to a new location. Depending on how many team mates you have, the level of difficulty will decrease substantially.

4) ALWAYS LEAVE A LEGLESS ZOMBIE AT THE END OF EACH ROUND! This is the best thing you can do in zombies. To make them legless, cook a grenade for about 2-3 seconds and throw it at their feet. It'll blow them off and will slow them down greatly. Let them crawl around while you rebuild windows, buy perks, and try the mystery box. Also use this time to coordinate with your team if possible to decide on where to go next. If for some reason it kills the zombie or doesn’t blow his legs off - forget about it and try to repair as many windows as you can before the next round. This doesn’t happen too often but it does happen.

5) Always make sure somebody is covering all areas at all times. Too many times have I died because somebody wasn't watching a single window with one zombie. That's all it takes for a game over people. Coordinate with your team!

6) If you are playing solo, keep mobile and try to watch behind you at all times. Always do a quick turn around when killing zombies to make sure they aren't sneaking up behind you. They WILL do this.

7) Repair windows while killing zombies. You can stand at a window with zombies, repair it, and shoot them all at the same time. This helps extremely well when there are numerous zombies coming at you. Also, you do NOT have to face the window you are repairing! Turn around and kill some zombies while you are repairing. Just make sure one doesn't sneak up to the window and grab you.

8) When dogs come, keep mobile and back into a corner when you get overwhelmed. Dogs randomly spawn and with that said, the more you move, the better chance you have of them not spawning behind you. However I do recommend staying in one room for the majority of the dog round. The only time you should leave the room is if you get so overwhelmed that you have no chance of kill them all and when you run out of the room, you had better RUN. Also make sure you have a "safe" corner available in case you do get overwhelmed.

9) RELOAD BEFORE PICKING UP A MAX AMMO POWER UP! This is simple. If you do this, you will have more ammo. One extra clip of ammo makes a difference.

10) Buy Juggernog before using the mystery box if possible. This is easily the best drink in the game. You can go from taking 2 hits until death to taking sometimes up to 4-5 hits before death! This makes the game so much easier when you get over run with zombies from every direction.

User Info: Bolt_Action

7 years ago#2
11) Pack-a-Punch is your friend. Some guns are worthless until you put them in the PaP. Items like the crossbow and ballistic knife become extremely useful after you upgrade them. Most guns usually get stronger, shoot faster, add a precision sight, and reload quicker after they have been upgraded! I’m not going to tell you which guns to use/upgrade as each one has its own benefits; it depends on your play style to be honest.

12) Claymores/Bouncing Betties/Bowie Knife/TrapsBuy these as soon as you have a decent weapon. Lay claymores/betties as soon as you can and put them at “retreat” points. Don’t randomly put them in the open. Use them at chokepoints to ensure you get the most zombies with the blast. Buy the Bowie Knife. It will save you more than you think. As for traps, activate them at the beginning of the round if you feel like you are going to be overrun due to having a bad gun or whatever the case is. Don’t be stingy with your points!

13) You do NOT have to open every door! Sometimes, yes - you have to open every door to get to the mystery box or get a perk. Most of the time however, you do not. The more doors open = more windows to cover = more zombies to watch = better chance of you getting overrun/flanked. It is sometimes better to leave a door unopened so that you can retreat to that room as a last stand.

14) Power-ups. They last for roughly 30 seconds and sometimes they drop consistently. Sometimes they rarely drop! It’s all chance. Here are the power-ups…

a) Nuke - Looks like a blimp, kills every zombie currently on the map. Only pick this up when you are getting overrun. Otherwise it will kill everything and start the next round. You need to use that time to repair windows/keep a legless zombie!

b) Hammer - Repairs every window on the map. This is something you want to pick up if there are a decent number of zombies on the map. This thing can save your life. Otherwise, just leave it and repair the windows manually so you get the points.

c) Skull - Instant kill. This makes everything a one shot kill including the knife. Pick this up ASAP. You can literally just run around knifing all the zombies (unless you are surrounded or trapped in a corner.) The best technique is to run up and knife the zombie then jump back quickly. This ensures you do not get hit.

d) 2x - Double points. Honestly what is there to explain? You get double the amount of points for the whole time this is active.

e) Price tag aka Bargain sale - this makes the mystery box only cost 10 points to use! Extremely useful.

15) Use the teleporter(s)! These things instantly move you from one location to another. They can and will save your life. On Kino Der Toten there is only one and you have to reset it after every use. However, it puts you in a safe room where you can look down at the zombies and kill them from afar. It last about one minute. On “Five” there are numerous teleporters which take you to differing locations. Use these to escape giant flocks of enemies.

User Info: Bolt_Action

7 years ago#3
16) Know which enemy you are facing. The zombies come in 3 varieties - Regular, Runner, and Legless. The other enemies are the dogs and the crawlers. Zombies you should be used to by now. The dogs spawn in lightning flashes and wont run at you until they see you. Easily taken out with a shotgun. The crawlers explode when you kill them and emit nova gas which stuns you/hurts you when you kill them as well. However, if you knife them or use the ray gun on them they will NOT emit anything!

17) Buy all the perks when you can afford it. Speedy Cola, Juggernog, Quick Revive, and Double Tap are all extremely useful. SC = faster reloads, JUG = more health, QR = quicker revive of teammates and also revives you by itself if you are playing single player, DT = faster shooting. There is simply nothing better than having a PaP’d weapon along with all the perks. You will almost be unstoppable!

18) If you can’t revive your teammate in time, leave him be. Having one senseless death is a bad thing. Having two makes it 100x worse. Yes, it sucks dying and losing all your perks/guns. But you CAN come back from that if you have a coherent group that knows what they’re doing. If for some reason you die and don’t get revived, you will respawn the next round without anything except for your pistol. When the last zombie is killed, you will respawn where your surviving teammate(s) is. IMMEDIATELY buy Juggernog, Get a gun off the wall, and haul ass to the teleporter. That is the best thing you can do. Stay close to your team and retreat to your “safe room” if you have to.

19) MonkeyBomb/Ray Gun/Thunder Gun. If you get these out of the mystery box, keep them and upgrade them. Monkeybombs are a lure for zombies (the upgraded crossbow has the same effect) and should be used as a last resort to retreat. The Ray Gun and Thunder Gun are the most powerful weapons in zombies. These things kill everything! However - DO NOT WASTE THE AMMO! You don’t want to shoot the Ray Gun when there is only 1 or 2 zombies left. Knife them or shoot them with your other gun.

20) Practice and learn the maps. What else is there to be said? You aren’t going to dominate the first time you play a map. Learn the best rooms to camp up in, learn where all the machines/traps/perks/weapons are, and learn where zombies come from.

Thanks goes out to officepimps, seoulspirit, jarule, morlock30, Sephivengeance9, Burst_Stream, and BluePlasmaxyz!

User Info: chris_mi9r

7 years ago#4
Request Sticky Mods.
Very good information here.

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User Info: babybinky

7 years ago#5
thanks for the tips... i played zombies about 5 times now... solo i got to level 8 and with a friend i got to level 10, and with 4 friends i got to level 6 lol... i don't know where to buy perks, and the damn mystery box is always in a different spot... zombies is awesome, i wanna master this and get to level 30 and stuff

User Info: 02stampede

7 years ago#6
Thank you sir! (salutes)

Sticky this bad boy.

User Info: morlock30

7 years ago#7

A question Bolt, how do you put letters in bold?

User Info: cicatrez

7 years ago#8
is this your final one? if so. Bump.

User Info: chris_mi9r

7 years ago#9

< B >
< /B >
~Rage quitting since the days of XboxConnect~
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User Info: Falling Down

Falling Down
7 years ago#10
In the first round you can shoot a zombie 9-10 times in the foot before you knife it..... just saying.
DOOD!!! ~Prinnies
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