Lucky Egg!!!

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User Info: Doomsday Forte

Doomsday Forte
8 years ago#11
Why Frisk? Just Thief and be done with it. *shrug* I mean yeah, you have to take the item off of your Thiefer but it's better than clogging your boxes with Chanseys and you get lots of experience killing them too.

User Info: mtpfreak

8 years ago#12
My recommendation? Put a bunch of level 41-60 Pickup slaves on your team, maybe 3 or 4, whilst you train.
Preferably Aipom because it has the lowest base EXP, thus are fastest to train.

There is a small chance they will find Lucky eggs during level 41-60, with a 10% chance of finding an item after each battle, and a 1% chance of it being a lucky egg, as well as a 10% chance of a rare candy.

Eventually, you might pick up that lucky egg, whilst you're training.

User Info: dratinide

8 years ago#13
Get a Frisk Bannete with Theif and whenever Bannete says hes found a Lucky Egg, thats your time to use theif. Dont worry if you Ko it because Bannete still theives the item.
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