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  3. Any reason not to evolve Scyther?

User Info: Byuusetsu

9 years ago#11
Only if you're allergic to awesomeness.
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User Info: Stratavos

9 years ago#12
well, scisor is really disgusting if it has technician and bullet punch and an attack up nature... (30 uses of the equivalent of extremespeed? eew)
but personally scyther looks cooler :p
sometimes I think I know too much...

User Info: chaocross

9 years ago#13
Use Scizor in-game. Scyther's base speed is 105 while Scizor's is 65, but Scizor's base Attack is 130 to Scyther's 110. Scizor's base Def is 100 where Scyther's is 80. The other base stats are equal. Scyther is weak to Rock, Ice, Electric, Flying, Fire type attacks, while Scizor is weak only to Fire. Competitively, the speed advantage and STAB with Aerial Ace are basically the only reasons you may want to keep Scyther unevolved, since Scizor learns everything Scyther can (and more) and hits harder, with the exception of Aerial Ace.

User Info: Thorodin

9 years ago#14
I couldn't decide so I caught 2 Scythers and evolved 1 of them into a Scizor. Aside from stat changes they learn different moves at certain levels. So I suggest if you intend to evolve Scyther get it to one of those certain levels then evolve so you can have both moves. exp.(Wing Attack/Metal Claw, Air slash/IronHead)
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User Info: Rue

9 years ago#15
Shiny Scizor looks cool imo, just sayin'...
Hee ho!

User Info: Guide

9 years ago#16
Not that is has to do with much, but Scizor looks so much more awesome now than he did in the original.
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