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User Info: PkNottz421

5 months ago#1
I am having a little difficulty catching Moltres in Mt.Silver.

I am wondering if anyone would be able to assist me on what moveset I should run that could help maximize Smeargles potential, and in turn capturing Moltres. I have a ton of resources at my disposal so that won't be an issue and I plan on using Level Balls purely for aesthetics.

I am currently using the following Smeargle:
Lv. 72 @ Leftovers
-Conversion 2
-False Swipe

I use Conversion 2 in hope of turning into the Rock-type, which resists both of Moltres' STABs.
Taunt to get rid of Moltres' Safeguard, but I need something more reliable and can last much longer. Spite maybe..?
The last two moves are obvious.

If you might be wondering, the wild Moltres has the following moveset;
-Air Slash
-Ancient Power

Any feedback or tips would be helpful. Thank you in advance!
(edited 5 months ago)

User Info: PkNottz421

5 months ago#2
Nvm, I have my set.

Lv. 72 Smeargle @ Leftovers
False Swipe

Spite has the perfect amount of PP to cause Moltres to use up all of its Safeguard by the time my Smeargle's Spite runs dry aswell.

Camouflage turns me into a Rock type 100% of the time due to being in a cave. This will allow me to also test how fast Moltres is on the first turn.
(My Smeargle has a Speed stat of 120, while the Moltres I am looking for should have a speed stat of 121)

I know I'm tooting my own horn, but I think I made a really clever setup and am a bit proud of myself right now.

User Info: Kellonsito

5 months ago#3
The only thing im going to say is, stay 40 turns and use Timer Balls. With 1hp and sleep will be really easy. You can win Timer Balls in the big center shop on precise days, where you win a random Berry on third place. Timer Ball is the second place and you will win one each time.

User Info: PkNottz421

2 months ago#4
I am going for a Level Ball Moltres purely for aesthetical reasons (apriballs are, imo, the rarest and nicest aesthetical feature when I transfer it into the latest gen). I haven't found the "perfect" Moltres yet, but I am more than down for the challenge.
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