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User Info: giobernard

1 year ago#1
If I do an island scan, can it show the rare Pokemon in an undiscovered place? Like maybe a place on the island I haven't made it to yet, and cannot make it to within the hour?

Also, does it only show a rare Pokemon on the same island you are currently on?

User Info: giobernard

1 year ago#2

User Info: HulkDamnHogan

1 year ago#3
Yes, the rare pokemon can show up in a place you haven't discovered yet. My advice would be to only use it on islands that you have fully cleared.

Also, keep track of what islands you have performed the scan on, and on what days you have done so. Each island has one specific pokemon for each day, so it's best to make sure you don't scan on an island on a day you've already scanned that island on.

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