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kaiasian 11 years ago#1
I need to start training one .___.;

-insert water pokemon here-

Since Quilava and Flaffy are Special based, and the other 3 are Phys based, I want a Special based water pokemon.

Best two to come to mind are Vaporeon and Starmie
yugiohfan99 11 years ago#2

Vaporeon. I have one, and I love it.

DeathSnipe777 11 years ago#3
Go the way of Politoed, just for the heck of it.
Serafie 11 years ago#4
Lanturn! Doubles as an extra Thunder-type for fun.
killerz2222 11 years ago#5

Dude go for Quagsire. Its a dual water-ground type which means electric moves doesn't affect it at all although grass does quadruple. Koga(Elite 4 member) will have trouble with it and the fairly common fire and rock moves will only do half damage too. You won't be needing Lanturn since you have a Flaffy which are both electric. However, according to you, you want a special. I think that you will die at the hands of electric pokemon without a ground type.

If you decide to follow me, teach Quagsire:

1. Earthquake - Quagy learns it at level 36.

2. Waterfall - You will get it at Ice Path, thats before victory road

3. Return - If you make you pokemon like you a lot, thats gonna hurt.

4. Amnesia/Toxic/Attract/Rest/Rain dance/Double Team/Swagger you name it! I recommend Rest/Swagger/Toxic/Rain dance

Lucis_Ferre 11 years ago#6
1) Gyarados. You basically get a Red one thrown at you for the plot, and it is a brutal physical water Pokemon with a great ability and great physical movepool. Best options are Waterfall, Return/Earthquake, Stone Edge/Ice Fang and Surf for filler.

2) Starmie. You can fish up a Staryu at Olivine and evolve it using a Water Stone from either the Fisher on Route 44 or Pokeathlon. One of the best special waters, good moves being Surf, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Psychic and Recover. Can also Rapid Spin.

3) Lanturn. Absorbs electric attacks, pretty bulky and a more than adequate special attacker. Surf/Thunderbolt/Ice Beam is always a good set of moves.

4) Politoed. Again, a special one, but can double as physical. Hypnosis is always nice, and while it doesn't have some of the special offensive options of the other two, it can physically attack reasonably well too. Needs trading though.

5) Poliwrath. Back to Physical. Again, shares Hypnosis with Poliwhirl, gets nice STAB Fighting moves as well as Waterfall, Ice Punch and Return.

6) Slowbro/King. And we return to Special. I put both here since the only real differences are that Slowbro takes Physical hits better while Slowking takes Special ones better, and Slowking gets Nasty Plot. Both are good special attackers, with boosting moves(Slowbro can Calm Mind and simultaneously cover it's weaker defense, Slowking can Nasty Plot for a much quicker boost to Sp. Atk) and Slack Off for healing(though you have to wait for Slowpoke to reach 39 before evolving it to Slowking if you want this move). They also have some odd Special Attacks, like, of all things, Flamethrower. Again, Slowking has to be traded to evolve, so bare that in mind.

7) Kingdra. Kingdra can do anything fairly well, hitting both sides of the spectrum well, taking hits well and just about having the movepool for it. The crucial thing that sets aside Kingdra from every other Pokemon I've listed is it's type. Water/Dragon. Only one weakness, and that IS Dragon, so you don't have to worry about Super Effective hits very often. But again, like Politoed and Slowking, it's a trade evo.

8) Mantine. Mantine is a very bulky Pokemon, but it gets the usual water standards, an array of confusion moves, some more...interesting options, like Signal Beam. Nothing quite as spectacular as others I've listed, but still, a good water type if you're on Heart Gold.

9) Octillery. Octillery can be summed up by looking at it's movepool and having your head explode from shock. Can attack off either stat well and it DEFINITELY has the movepool to do so. Of course, Remoraid is a swarmer, so may be a bit hard to get.

10) Kingler. Kingler is all physical. Just teach it Waterfall or it's signature Crabhammer, Return and Swords Dance and everything not called Empoleon or Shedinja will **** themselves. Huge attack power.

11) Azumarill. Azumarill may not seem much, but Huge Power makes it a pretty damn good Physical attacker, and it can take hits pretty well. Small-ish movepool though, but that can be made up for in-game with some HM fillers to ease travel. I forget if Marill is still a swarmer in HGSS.

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Lucis_Ferre 11 years ago#7
12) Tentacruel. I don't really need to give you advice where to get these, heh. Pretty good typing, very nice Sp. Defense, nice speed and a decent Sp. Attacking stat. Easy to get, and has enough special options to have some fun with, as well as Barrier to cover it's lower defense.

13) Quagsire. He just wants HUGS :D But seriously, it's been said, but Water/Ground is a great typing, pretty good defenses and a fine physical attacker.

14) Golduck. Nothing as special as some of the other options, but he's a decent Special Attacker with a good enough movepool. It's abilities can be handy as well, Cloud Nine rendering weather pointless and Damp meaning you won't be seeing too many Explosions.

15) Lapras. Ah, Lapras, an old favourite. Nice and bulky, great Special Attacker, great movepool. Surf/Ice Beam/Thunderbolt, as said, is always great, and gets some nice support options too.

16) Vaporeon. HUGE HP, decent enough movepool(Shadow Ball, Surf and Ice Beam are fine moves), great Special Attack, and it's an Eeveelution. What's not to love?

17) Qwilfish. Oft forgotten, but he really shouldn't be. A nice physical attacker with the pretty good Water/Poison type. Swords Dance/Explosion is a nasty desperation combo.

That's just about it for the good Water type options of Johto, enjoy.
'Success rates are but scientific theory. A brave heart will defy any odds!'
'Don't beg for things, do it yourself or else you won't get anything.'
mrdoingboing 11 years ago#8
Melcheesedek 11 years ago#9
Slowbro is the only correct answer.
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Adevara 11 years ago#10
Lanturn is rather beastly. It's pretty bulky, and with the whole electric thing you can dump Flaaffy and put in something gimmicky or wacky for fun.
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