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  3. How long does a status effect like tail whip last?

User Info: Blustar15

11 years ago#1
What happens if I change pokemon does the effect stay active or does changing pokemon reset the status change?

What exactly does Baton pass do?


User Info: Nick-The-Potato

11 years ago#2
The entire battle I'm pretty sure. It might go away when it retreats back to the ball though.
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User Info: tempestjg

11 years ago#3
stat changes last until the pokemon faints or switches out

Baton Pass passes the stat changes onto the pokemon you switch to
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User Info: CloudedHeretic

11 years ago#4
It stays in effect until you switch the pokemon out. Baton Pass switches any stat changes(Tail Whip, Growl, Swords Dance, Agility, etc.) to whatever pokemon you decide to send out. Any information I may be missing someone else will probably mention.

User Info: Tetsaiga223

11 years ago#5
Stat increases/decreases either raise or lower a stat depending on the move used.

50% + for a regular boost, 100% for something that sharply raises the stat.
50%- for a regular decrease, 100% for something that harshly drops the stat.

The other questions have been answered.

(Sorry for the laziness....I don't really feel like typing.)
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  3. How long does a status effect like tail whip last?
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