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  3. How do you drag dead bodies?
GodsSentWarrior 11 years ago#1
I remember in the first stalker you could drag dead bodies. How you do it in this one?
yienmaster 11 years ago#2
Was it in SoC by default, or what it a mod? I don't remember, but I know I've seen mods dealing with it. Try looking for mods for all three games at:

chee006 11 years ago#3

Have you been playing Fallout 3 lately?

Twinrova225 11 years ago#4
It was in SoC by default, but I think they removed it.
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Lucian04 11 years ago#5
The physics model of the game was changed.. It was determined that the way they implemented ragdoll physics is what caused the "Invulnerability" moments during pain reactions, so they went with a different method as well as removing the ability to drag bodies.
Caladfwich 11 years ago#6
Wonder what invulnerability they thought it had, since you could still blow the head of someone, when it was contorting on pain after being shot on the leg. Oh well dragging bodies was never a useful action anyway, it was mostly for the moments you got bored and decided to make a pyramid of bodies.
Lucian04 11 years ago#7
Not really.. There were MANY instances reported to GSC where shooting an enemy during a pain animation would result in no registering hit. Modders confirmed it and GSC finally removed it in CoP.. Enemies still have their pain reaction, but due to the change in ragdoll physics they now don't have that same invulnerability they used to have.
Caladfwich 11 years ago#8
Weird i didn't had this problem on my vanilla SoC or CS, but oh well.
KhelThuzad 11 years ago#9
s.m.r.t.e.r mod
Trolling? Better get the facts right or get owned.
Lucian04 11 years ago#10
The Smarter mod sucks.. Way too many changes and it actually breaks quite a few quests due to the way it was designed. If I was the TC, I would use Winmerge and compare the files in the Config folder with the unmodded files after unpacking them.. Then add in whatever values are needed to just re-enable body dragging and leave it at that.
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  3. How do you drag dead bodies?
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