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User Info: InvisibleYogurt

11 years ago#1
I'm not saying this is going to turn out terrible or anything (though I really don't have much faith in it, with the Earthworm Jim guys behind it), but why did this have to be a Front Mission game? They could have slapped any freaking name they wanted on this thing and it would have still sold fine, seeing as how "Front Mission" isn't exactly an instantly recognizable trademark in the West, and there's no shortage of games already with big robots in them. Why tarnish the spirit of an existing strategy series with your big blockbuster TPS shootamazoo?

I bet there won't even be ANY customization features.

User Info: InvisibleYogurt

11 years ago#2
And yeah, I know, Gun Hazard and Online were action-oriented as well, but the first wasn't any good and the second was really unsuccessful.

User Info: xenosaga123

11 years ago#3
maybe it's still team-based like Front Mission Alternative. that was real-time, but its actually cool now FME has direct control over a wanzer.

as long as it isn't a one mech war like Armored Core, then it might be interesting.

plus the multiplayer might be good too, especially if it supports 4+ player co-op campaigns.

and it's too early to claim it won't have any customization.


yeah they don't seem to have great games under their belt, but maybe they might chose the right formula for this game.

cause really, traditional turn based stragety isn't gonna help Front Mission sell these days. hardly anyone has the patience for SRPGs in the west, especially mech-based.

User Info: InvisibleYogurt

11 years ago#4
I'd actually much rather see this game as another strategy title (turn-based or real-time) even if it would mean keeping it Japan-only. I'm sick of seeing timely, well-respected Japanese game franchises prostituted out to talentless Western developers to boost sales and cater only to what marketers think people want. This game will be the final nail in the coffin of the eternally second-banana Front Mission series, I guarantee it.

User Info: Shinra-Army

11 years ago#5
how can you deduce all that after having seen ZERO gameplay?

you're the very definition of a pessimist, you know that?

Give the damn game a chance, at least
Regardless of being a MMORPG, Final Fantasy XI has 4 storylines and main characters, just because it's online and you dont play doesnt mean it's not a FF

User Info: TurboReaper

11 years ago#6
i read somewhere (think it was an xbox magazine) that there will be about the same level of customization in this game as, say, armored core 4 minus the tuning.

I look forward to this game.

User Info: Lawl_b0t

11 years ago#7
If the customization is as advanced as Armored Core and the gameplay is team and skill based oriented then it should be good. They really need to give melee an advantage over firearms if they expect people to use it? Maybe rly high dmg output with a well placed attack.

The collision detection in this game needs to be written properly, or all is lost.
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  3. Crap, it's another Mechwarrior now.
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