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User Info: PalletRob27

9 years ago#1
So I liked all the songs in-game so much that I rolled the credits and checked the names of the songs in order to get them later, and here I`wanted to share it:

*There`s a total of 19 (listed) and around 3 others which name,artist,composer I did not found (the beta menu themes).
*Tracks thanks to Ninja Tunes and its artists:

1. Dj kentaro - "Harvest Dance" (ft. hifana)
2. Two Fingers-"That girl" feat Sway
3. The Qemists - "Stompobox" (Spore remix)
4. The Qemists - “On the run” Ft.Jenna G (V.I.P remix)
5. The Qemists -"S.W.A.G" ft. Zoe Devilin Love
6. The Qemists - "Let there be light"
7. The Qemists – “dem na like me” ft. Wiley (V.I.P remix)
8. Coldcut-“Atomic Moog” (Qemists remix)
9. Coldcut- "Everything Is Under Control" (Dj kentaro remix)
10. Pest- "Delucid"
11. Pest- "Pat Pong" (Solid Groove remix)
12. Hexstatic - "Red Laser Beam"
13. Spank rock - "Bump" (Best Fwends remix)
14. Daedelus - "Make it so" (XXXchange remix)
15. The herballeer –"Gadget Funk"
16. Thunderheist-"Nothing2step2 "(Trevor Loveys remix)
17. The heavy- "Coleen" (Rhytm Beater remix)
18. Zero DB –"Te quiero" (ATFC remix)
19. Ennio Morricone- The Ecstacy Of Gold (Bandini Remix)

GHWT:4983-8506-0114 Brawl:3866-7666-9293 CoD-WaW:1548-0690-2085
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User Info: RumblyLizard

9 years ago#2
Also - the title menu song is 'smile' by the crystal method. One of the other menu songs is 'starting line' by the crystal method as well (which is part of a 45 minute running mix)
Xbox Live GT: RumblyLizard

User Info: BingSanpao

9 years ago#3
I'm pretty sure it's the herbaliser instead of herballer.

User Info: Orcahi_Iori

9 years ago#4
Thank you kind sir, been looking for this forever
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User Info: Cantido

9 years ago#5
No Amon Tobin? Damn. He's one of Ninja Tune's hard hitters. Coldcut and DJ Kentaro are amazing though.
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User Info: TH3_K1D95

9 years ago#6
Does anyone know the song that they play at the begining movie intro and credits? I kinda like it. If anyone knows please tell. Thanks!

User Info: mustained13

9 years ago#7
The herballeer is actually the herbaliser. Google will correct if you look it up.

Regardless, that one is my favorite track.

User Info: Noisician

9 years ago#8

It's Stompbox and Spor, not Stompobox and Spore.

User Info: Glitchwerks

9 years ago#9

From: Cantido | #005
No Amon Tobin? Damn. He's one of Ninja Tune's hard hitters.

Two Fingers = Amon Tobin & Joe Chapman.

You should check out their album. There's a vocal and an instrumental version. It's really damn good.
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