Need help getting to tea party

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User Info: xxxxxn

7 years ago#1
I need help in getting to the beach tea party with the squid. I can get onto the cliffs using the f-space manipulator or whatever it's called, but then I get to a part where you have to get to the other side of a gray brick wall and I can't seem to move the wall pieces to the point where I could climb over the wall to the other side where the farther part of the beach and tide pools are.

Also there is a hole in the dock next to the f-space manipulator which is near the brick wall. There are also holes in the brick wall where the loose bricks can fit into. What do I do next? Please help me. Thank you.

User Info: ArosAntiSora

7 years ago#2
Near Dr. F, there is a path leading to a small cliff with fencing in all but one space (right side), and if you go to the very end, there are wooden boards above you, with a wooden crate that is on top of them. Go around and use the fenergy vent to put the create beneath the wooden boards. Now, it will take many tries, but you have to take a big jump through the fence hole. Like I said, it will take many tries to get it right, but putting the crate into that position allows you to do it faster.
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