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User Info: IAznDragonI Yan

IAznDragonI Yan
10 years ago#31
what about my question? did you unlock noel/librarian's room? if so, were you able to get high intimacy level with her and were able to witch check her?
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User Info: Coco_Vandaria

10 years ago#32
Yes, i was able to unlocked Noel/Librarian room..indeed, i have high intimacy level with her, but still, i can't witch checking her (Noel the librarian not the angel Noel)

User Info: OtakuTom

10 years ago#33
I give up. How do you get Eve Sensei's room? I tried going on that japanese guide and had the events that it lists happen with Eve in Maria's chapter and I didn't get taken to her room no matter how I seemed to answer. Any help would be apprieciated ^_^
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User Info: Coco_Vandaria

10 years ago#34

I don't know if this will help you or not..you can unlock eve's room during maria's chapter...if i'm not wrong, i'm always picked the first answer when i met Eve...don't know why but i got her room..
sry if i'm wrong..but, at least you can try it first....

User Info: FIAgs

10 years ago#35
Actually you can only get that event in Episode 3 instead of Episode 2. According to the wiki, below is the how-to.


Note: A day in Doki doki is split in 3 sessions( Morning, Noon, and After School). You can know which session you are, checking the following:

If it is Morning, you can use the dating system.
If it is After School, the shopping district will be available.


Maho = You will get it no matter what. (Episode 2)

Maria = Similar to Maho. (Episode 3)

Renge = Refer to this post. (http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/detail.php?board=959575&topic=50732426&message=557607575) (Episode 3)

Ayame = There will be an event of her at the arcade. Choose 2nd option. (Episode 5 - After School)

Yuuma = Meet Yuuma in the garden of the school (Episode 7 - Morning). Then head to the rooftop and choose the first choice (Episode 7 - Morning)

Eve = Meet her at the shelves hall. Choose first choice. (Episode 3 - After School)

Merry = Meet her at the shopping district. Choose first choice. (Episode 5 - After School)

Librarian( Noel) = Meet her at the library. Choose second option. You will be at a park with her. (Episode 5 - After School)

Kiara = Meet her outside the store room( Episode 6 - After School)
Meet her at the track field( Episode 6 - After School)
Mett her at shopping district. Choose first option. (Episode 6 - After School)

Ruru = Only available in the dating system available on the main menu. Need Ruru's ending.

User Info: Empheral_Blade

10 years ago#36
So it is morning, afternoon and evening (After School).

Sorry OtakuTom if it was my summary you followed on getting Eve. My bad. I was already at Yuma's Chapter by the time I saw this. I knew I should have gone with Renge's Chapter lol I must have talked to Eve as soon as I was in Renge's Ch. then saved and switched off DS. I should really make a post as soon as I find out these things instead of waiting a day or two. Might actually remember more accurately haha. At least I remembered Ayame, Noel and Merry was in Yuma's Ch.

Note to self: Don't study for test and play this game at the same time. No suprise I forgot simple things during test day...

User Info: Coco_Vandaria

10 years ago#37
so you could get eve's room during renge chapter?
my bad, i thought it was during maria's chapter...
OtakuTom, sry coz my wrong answer

User Info: Shia_Mireille

10 years ago#38
if you want to witch check the human noel, you have to get her ending first and it will be unlocked in the extra episode (extra episode no.16) with the title "dokidoki shisho shinpan" (throbbing librarian check). this witch check is actually the opposite of witch checking angel noel, angel noel is angel-angel-human while human noel is angel-angel-human.

User Info: OtakuTom

10 years ago#39
Cheers dudes. No need to apologise, it's just good to know that I hadn't missed her ^_^
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User Info: Chidorilord

10 years ago#40
The Angel you are with is Spelt Lulu, not Ruru (As Said on Wikipedia)
BTW Awesome Thread/Board Guys Keep up the good work.
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