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User Info: FIAgs

10 years ago#21
To use Oral Session, press Blushing Akuji icon. You will know that the session has started since the other options will be dulled, the bgm is silenced and the possible choices will be available in lists on top screen. Recite into the microphone any of the quoted romanjis I stated in this topic.

Also, I don't believe there is a witch check for the librarian, given that she ends up in that form at the last phase of witch-checking.

As for unlocking Renge's room, I am betting on completing the shooting game. I've only managed the Normal Mode at the moment, but I know well the other two modes will be hell to win.

User Info: Bankaiyoh

10 years ago#22
Great, now i have to play the game again to get ayame. oh well thanks anyway

User Info: LuminousRym

10 years ago#23
Ok thanks

User Info: Empheral_Blade

10 years ago#24

I already got top score for both 2 minute and infinite mode. Still need to finish normal mode though. How many levels are there? I got to the 3rd boss (which I suspect is the final one). Unfortunately I died when the Core sepreated and blasted me T_T

User Info: Empheral_Blade

10 years ago#25
Argh! Sorry for double post again....

Just to add I also got the top score for normal mode too. So I don't think it's to do with getting the highest score. I'll try and finish normal mode and see what happens.

User Info: FIAgs

10 years ago#26
Finally managed to get Renge's ending. It is only possible in Episode 3. Before fighting Renge, do the following.

1) Head to the Shopping District.
2) On the left corner near the Super Game Club, there is a vending machine.
3) Examine it and pick the first choice. Akuji will start putting money in to get random item.
4) Repeating (3) until you get a Star Radish cartridge.
5) Now do battle with Renge as usual. The end of the episode will be slightly different with Akuji giving the cartridge to Renge. Renge will want to challege Akuji over the game, so access to her house is given.

No need to thank me. Thank the japanese fans out there. http://hyaaplus.moero.info/index.php

Also, it appears that Ruru is dateable(Only for the dating system available at main menu). However, since there is yet to have any update on endings, guess that will have to wait( Need Ruru's ending to unlock).

User Info: dark998

10 years ago#27
Oh, so you have to use the mic, I should have figured out. Thanks FIAgs.

User Info: IAznDragonI Yan

IAznDragonI Yan
10 years ago#28

Do you mean witch check in free witch check mode?

i dont know about that. human noel and the other girl who has nothing to do with the story arent in my list of free witch check mode but they are possible to witch check. i just dont know how to do so. for human noel, maybe unlock her room, go out with her and she probably let you witch check her? for the other girl, i dont know. someone needs to unlock noel's room besides renge.
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User Info: Empheral_Blade

10 years ago#29
3) Examine it and pick the first choice. Akuji will start putting money in to get random item.
4) Repeating (3) until you get a Star Radish cartridge.

...So that's what it was for. Lol I was using that in Merry's Chapter and was getting something Pixelated, a wooden thing and a lizzard. *Sighs* If only I have tapped that machine during Renge's Chapter. Ok I guess I can actually finish the game now, think I go Maho ending 1st. Time to go visit her room continuously.

User Info: Coco_Vandaria

10 years ago#30
Finally, my question have been answered...now, i have to play the story once more..thx to FlAgs and japanese Fans
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