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User Info: NorskeMan

1 month ago#1
I've had New Vegas since it's release, but I still haven't beaten it yet. The problem is that, after several 100+ hour playthroughs on almost every platform available, I've always ended up with glitch or bug broken save files that make the game either lock up or crash and I can't get any further.
I saw that another patch has been released, and I'm thinking about giving the game one more try. It looks like there are only a couple known bugs remaining, from what I've found here:

The site mentions Camp McCarran and the 188 Trading Post as causing crashes or lock-ups respectively.
Are there anyways to work around these areas or their issues and still complete the game? Or, can somebody recommend a mod that addresses them?

I really would like to beat New Vegas and it's DLCs; I've always enjoyed the time I've spent playing previously. But loose another playthrough to bugs or glitches; I'm going to have to shelf it permanently. 8/

User Info: ArcPistol

1 month ago#2
Bugfixing mods:

Yukichigai Unofficial Patch - YUP

Unofficial Patch NVSE


YUP can be installed without additional requirements, the other two require NVSE that you need to get here:

Click on nvse_5_1_beta6.7z to download, unzip and drop the content in the New Vegas folder (where FalloutNV.exe and FalloutNVLauncher.exe are located); JIP and UPNVSE must be dropped into the "Data" folder instead. Note that once you install NVSE you will always need to launch the game from nvse_loader and no more from FalloutNV.exe or the launcher.
If you are completely new to modding you might want to have a look at some modding guides on internet.
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User Info: NorskeMan

1 month ago#3
Thank you!

User Info: Adam_Ocelot

1 month ago#4
The videos here are perfect if you’re new to PC modding (which I am), very precise and easy to follow.


Includes all of the recommended bug fix mods mentioned above, and which should overwrite which.


(link is for vid 1 of 5)


Again, this took ALL guess work out for me, very much recommend these vids
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