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User Info: taco727

3 months ago#1
im trying to beat the game for first time

what tips do you have for early in the game?
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User Info: Persinian

3 months ago#2
If your playing unmodded i would say explore cautiously. Theres a couple of dangerous creatures near the start point. Also if your not opposed to theft some of the houses in goodsprings has some nice stuff. I'm trying not to spoil anything so its pretty vague.
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User Info: Loonoe

3 months ago#3
I don't remember early game being that hard. Stick to your varmint rifle or some good melee weapon in Goodsprings, loot the Powder Gangers in case you can get some better equipment from them.

Loot everything with a value of weight x 10 in the beginning, booze and cigarboxes for example, there's a ton of booze in the bar, you just gotta make sure no one catches you.

Then you can sell or trade that with the shop next to the bar in order to get something better.

The next city over, Primm, should be your next target. It's a bit harder so you may need better equipment which you can buy from the guy who talks to you when you enter the saloon. I think his name is Johnny Nash.

When choosing armour and weapon, it's all down to playstyle. You might want light armour with lower DT if you plan to run around and use high DPS weapons or melee/unarmed. I prefer heavy armour with high DT, and weapons like snipers, shotguns, revolvers. High damage low DPS.
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User Info: Persinian

3 months ago#4
I was referring to the other direction, cazadors, death claws, and giant scorpions.
It's not whether your win or lose but who you go home with after the game.

User Info: RoboFish

1 month ago#5
I just started again the other day. This will always be my favorite Fallout game.

User Info: JallerSVR

1 month ago#6
What difficulty should I play the game on? Last time I tried the game I got frustrated that my guns dealt barely any damage. Is it like STALKER where the higher the difficulty, the more damage you deal and receive?
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User Info: Persinian

1 month ago#7
if you have any experience with fallout 3 then normal should be fine, just keep an eye on ammo types, my starting loadout is usually a pistol or sturdy caravan shotgun for close range, the varmint rifle for medium-long range, and the mercenary's grenade rifle as my "oh s***" gun. as far as i know at higher difficulties you deal less damage and receive more damage.
It's not whether your win or lose but who you go home with after the game.

User Info: fallen_acolyte

1 month ago#8
I haven't really stopped, but I don't play to clear. I just wander
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User Info: red255

1 month ago#9
early on you want 3 guns.

1.) a gun with high damage to unarmored targets, the 9mm SMG with JHP rounds from taking hand loader and grunt. is ideal this kills cazadores and nightstalkers and other low DT enemies. Obviously Vance's one is best.
2.) a gun with good damage to armored targets. a Hunting rifle with AP .303 rounds for dealing with things like legion hit squads. a Plasma rifle with Max charge rounds works, a plasma pistol with GRA +7 damage is easier to get RNG wise. I believe king of this slot is the tribeamlaser GRA with max charge rounds.
3.) a gun for dealing with unthreatening trash so you don't waste your precious ammo on unimportant targets. generally I go with a Laser Pistol GRA with +3 damage modifier simply to start working on the damage dealt with 1 handed energy weapons perk for the bonus critical chance. the sturdy caravan shotgun is a good choice for this.
4.) a sniper rifle. this usually combos with 2. I generally put a scope on a laser rifle fully kitted out and it does heaps of damage. Vigilant recycler and optimized rounds (I play on hardcore) bunch of other options exist. whatever makes you happy.

If you go to primm you can go into lonesome road which is a level 20+ area. you just walk in, loot a few containers, go to the first commissary and view the shop you can get a repair upgrade for ED-E and a bunch of caps and ammo. the easiest way to deal with the robots are pulse slugs from the Mojave outpost. Not really advising you to DO the DLC at low levels though if you get a sniper rifle at low levels its always nice and there are some skill books. Mainly suggesting you pop in there and get the ED-E repair upgrade and use the commissary to turn your inventory into caps and ammo instead of trade goods. as there really aren't many shops with good inventory at low levels elsewhere. until you hit like level 12 or so.
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