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  3. Installing Fallout New Vegas From Retail Disk \ CD \ DVD The REAL SOLUTION!!!!

User Info: SneakyBastage

9 years ago#1
The Steam's Disk Installation Instructions Do not WORK!!! At least not for everyone.

If you tried to run C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam.exe -install D: and it did not solve your problem. Here you go! Look no further!

Nobody wants to download the entire game when they payed for it and have it in hand! However for some reason, the disk installation automatically does this. I don't know why Steam does not fix this! It would put a lot less strain on their servers! What to DO: Activate Product with Steam... you probably already have. Right click on the game in steam and choose to delete local content. This will stop the download.


Open the setup from the disk, choose install, it will open with the installation page where is shows the required/available space HERE IS WHERE YOU WILL KNOW IF IT WAS WORKED----> Bellow this it will have no mention of a download time! Or maybe it was that the install time was shorter, or it said "Files to install" instead of "Files to download" Sorry don't remember cause I went though it so many times before I found the right way!

Now install and you will see, for me it said 10 minutes remaining! OK after the install in steam you will notice it is downloading !!! WTF!!! No worries this is just updating. You can go into the game properties and mark "no auto update". That's it, sorry it's messy. But I want to play the game and I can imagine all the pissed off ppl out there right now so I'm posting ASAP! Let me know if this doesn't work and i'll try to help ya out.

User Info: LazyyAmerican

9 years ago#2
Tell me about it...I have a decent rig yet the installation took me a little over an hour for this reason I'm guessing sheesh. Well hopefully this works the next time I need to reinstall the game from some botched mod installation.

User Info: Lord_Badmagic

9 years ago#3
Only way to install steam incorporated games from disc for me is to simply allow auto install insuring that steam is completely off prior to starting, every other way results in the game trying to download in its entirety.
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  3. Installing Fallout New Vegas From Retail Disk \ CD \ DVD The REAL SOLUTION!!!!
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