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  3. why does drinking soda make you MORE thirsty?... is this a bug or true?

User Info: dbouya

9 years ago#1
why does drinking soda make you MORE thirsty?... is this a bug or true?

nuka-cola and sarsaparilla both INCREASE thirst, while WATER decreases it

User Info: RHelgDrez

9 years ago#2
Haha, really?

Well in reality, drinking soda actually does make you more thirsty. Soda does not quench your thirst.

I haven't had any Nuka Cola in-game yet but I find what you are saying refreshing (pun intended).

User Info: WiseTyefighter

9 years ago#3
Because it's dehydrating. Duh.

User Info: Chibi_person

9 years ago#4
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Chibi_person

9 years ago#5
Totally quenches your thirst in real life, just not as much do to the sodium. Soda is still mostly just water

User Info: Pasky13

9 years ago#6
Mostly syrup you mean.
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User Info: Wiedzmin_ona

9 years ago#7

wow thats awesome, cuz its like in rl

User Info: Vagnarok

9 years ago#8
WOW. I can't believe there are actually people who think that soda hydrates you. If you drink nothing but soda for 1 year you will die of thirst sometime within that time frame assuming you don't get H2O from any other source. It's not as bad as drinking salt water, but it's certainly not good. One big aspect of it is the caffeine, and their are probably other players.
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User Info: ForcefulBoot

9 years ago#9
so your saying it dehydrates you, and it would take a WHOLE year to kill you because thats apparently how long you can last without water...

lets think about this logically by your logic any way. Typically you cant go more than 3 days without water so If the soda is dehydrating you then it would be even less than that. You see inorder to survive past the 3 days you would need to be hydrated somehow, but you said you can only drink coke. So by your logic the soda would actually hydrate you but not as much as water would. Kind of a hypocritical argument you made there.

Any way it really depends on the content of the caffeine if your going to be dehydrated of hydrated from it.
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User Info: sifer2

9 years ago#10
I do think its strange that it increases thirst. It should have simply not caused your thirst to go down. Like others are saying its hard to live off Soda alone since it doesn't hydrate you the way pure water does.
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  3. why does drinking soda make you MORE thirsty?... is this a bug or true?
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