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User Info: Creggs

1 month ago#1
There are a huge variety of weapons in fallout New Vegas. They match to varieties of builds (how you fight) some weapons work better for different things so here is my guide for the best weapons for each build:

Sprayer- 12.7mm Submachine gun-Can be found at the Roman camp.
Melee- Super Sledge or Machete Gladius- Sledge found at the black mountain and machete found at cottonwood cove.
Explosive- Grenade Rifle/Missile Launcher- Found at nellis AFB (Grenade machine gun is at Mick and Ralph's but burns ammo)
Crits- Gauss Rifle/Hunting Rifle- Gauss found at BOS bunker and hunting rifle found on NCR guys occasionally.
Stealth- Shotguns or high damage melees- found everywhere.
Best overall weapon In my opinion- Oh Baby Super Sledge.
Worst overall weapon in my opinion- Revolver- Bad crits bad damage bad speed ammo is rare.
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User Info: LivingInPapaya

2 weeks ago#2
Crit-focused Guns build: Christine's rifle. Just the best overall weapon in the game - huge damage, huge crit, ever-reliable .308 and silenced to boost.

Guns build, hold the crit: Survivalist's rifle. Suffers from rare ammo, 1x crit and low capacity. But its raw DPS makes it absolutely staggering if you're not making the most of crits.

Melee weapon on a non-melee build: Nephi's golf driver. The golf club and shovel are the only melee weapons that have a 100% KO rate on their special, so they are the best weapons to keep in your back pocket if you're not really fussed about raw melee DPS

Melee weapon on a melee build: Old Glory - you could make a case for something like Blood Nap but Old Glory does about 3x damage on a crit compared to Blood Nap's 2.5x, as well as hitting harder to boot.

Energy weapon: Elijah's advanced LAER. Absolutely disgusting damage. Mediocre crit but the raw DPS is so insane it's hard to justify anything else.

Explosives weapon: Esther, of course.

Unarmed weapon: Haha nobody uses this, but if you did it'd probably be Fist of Rawr or Embrace of the Mountain King for non-crit and crit builds respectively.

Best overall weapon: Alien Blaster lol.
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  3. Best Weapons Depending On Your Build
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