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User Info: HippyCritical

9 months ago#1
I want to role play as dr. Evil from Austin powers, any suggestions for special, stats, perks etc.? I have all dlcs

User Info: Uncertainty

8 months ago#2
Sharks with frickin' lasers on their heads = Use ED-E and laser rifles
High charisma, high endurance, high luck, crap strength
Any perk that gives increased ammo/caps in containers

"When I was 18 I went to evil medical school. At age 25 I took up tap dancing. I wanted to be a quadruple threat: an actor, dancer" so also high med skill, and agility, and also perks that improve reading

I don't know how you'd incorporate naming your testicles piss and vinegar(doesnt seem he named the third one)

User Info: garan

8 months ago#3
Have to go Yes Man/Independent Route for the story as he wouldn't work for anyone else. Definitely Energy Weapons as the focus. Max Speech early too.

User Info: HippyCritical

8 months ago#4
Awesome thanks for the tips, going to start him up in a few minutes and show those legions the real way to be “E” “Vil”. Also props on one of my favourite quotes from the movies Uncertainty :D
Definitely gain access to The Archimedes II orbital laser. It's a supervillain's best friend!
Cover your knees up if you're gonna be walkin' around everywhere.

User Info: MrDrSirLord1337

8 months ago#6
thekosmicfool part 2 posted...
Definitely gain access to The Archimedes II orbital laser. It's a supervillain's best friend!

And the fact that the useless laser almost never works goes well with the rest of Dr Evils "doomed to fail" plans.
I know humor is easy to misunderstand on the internet so try not to take anything rude I say the wrong way, I don't want to offend.
Also MultiPlatformMasterRace
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