OWB suppose to be so hard?

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User Info: KingWhiteKnight

6 months ago#1
Feels like the level scaling sucks? I'm lvl 32 and everythingsoaks up bullets like crazy and hits like a truck. Burning through ammo like crazy so i find it best to just melee every and spam stimpacks. Scorpions and the Nightstalkers are the worst.

User Info: FreeMan5407

6 months ago#2
While the DLC are harder , you most have crappy weapons cause only the roboscorpion and some SPECIAL enemies have agreat amount of hp
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User Info: JimmyJumper6

6 months ago#3
Yeah man, I ended up going melee on a lot of things in there and Sniper rifle/shotgun on lobotomites.

User Info: red255

6 months ago#4
OWB you are supposed to craft tones of Weapon repair kits and use Elijah's advanced LAER for a ranged weapon.

Bullets are not going to cut mustard, you could *TRY* pulse slugs if you really want to use bullets. but the game gives you hundreds if not thousands of rounds of energy weapon ammo.

use the LAER. it is what its for. murdering robots.
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6 months ago#5
I've had a lot of success using the Proton Inverse Axe especially with its VATS special hitting more than one thing (Albeit inconsistently)
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User Info: AntonDeMorgan

6 months ago#6
You find pretty good weapons there like the hunting revolver, brush gun, the protonic axes, heated saturnine fist(my favourite weapon for this dlc) and Fido (a unique and rather amusing minigun ). For lobotomites use one of the regular ammo gun and for roboscorpions use the emp gun they give you at the start of the dlc or the x2 antenna.
What's your special ? Btw I was using a melee/unarmed build.
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  3. OWB suppose to be so hard?

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