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User Info: scowl_owl_2

2 years ago#1
I can't make any more progress in the siding with the NCR story because Ranger Grant is glitching so the second visit by President Kimball can't happen. He runs from reception to the radio outside and he doesn't speak to my character there. I won't do the other versions of the story because I don't want to kill any NCR or Brotherhood Of Steel people.

I was getting tired of all the assassins so I went back to an earlier save when there had only been a warning about the Legion becoming enemies if I helped their enemies again. I hadn't encountered assassins for a long time after that or before it and yet not long after I started playing from that point there were a group of assassins. That shouldn't have happened. I abandoned playing from that save point as there was no longer any point to it.

The dialogue option that should have been there that is to do with the main story when speaking with receptionist at Gomorrah wasn't among the dialogue options so my character had to kill Big Sal, Button Man and two other Omertas in order to proceed. He had to lie to Colonel Moore as a result.

There is an area that results in the game freezing that I avoid with fast travelling past it.

The people at Ranger Station Foxtrot can't even see the Great Khans from there. There isn't even a ladder there which would explain how they are able to see them.

On my second visit to Primm, other than an NCR man there were no people there.

User Info: Dragonslayer67

1 year ago#2
You might have

1 no updates

2 killed people you shouldn't have and then forgot about it

3 have a faulty disc

4 poor fps on your game system(results in tons of game crashes)

5 You might have glitched the reputation system this happened to me when I go to lv50 and choose "thought you died" wich resets all you reputation and leaves some quests un completable because of poor rep(this was fixed in a patch I don't currently have)
Why is it that your problem is that there is no problem so you have to create one with me. why?? Why do you do this??
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